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Integrate all the Marketplace data in one single system, Automation Engine of Amazon Operating System
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  • Unlimited subscribers - absolutely no limits
  • Unlimited email automation
  • Unlimited email broadcast
  • Segment - Find and award your best customers
  • Automate every buyer-seller message in one single software
  • Create personalized messaging

Done with You Amazon OS™

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  • Full Amazon and Shopify Integration and Setup
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Why do E-mail Marketing and Data go together?

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Nothing beats having a one-on-one conversation with your ideal customers. Consider going to your favourite local business, where the owner welcomes you by name, knows what you buy, and can converse with you as though the person knows you, causing you to return by choice rather than compulsion. 

This is also my narrative when I need to do some quick grocery shopping and go to a specific local store since the employee knows me and what I buy, and can make recommendations based on my past purchasing habits. For many years, I have purchased most of my Indian vegetables from this store rather than others. Though I’ve tried others, the sense of connection I get whenever I go to one particular grocery store has led me to opt to shop there exclusively.

When I moved to a new place, I spoke with the shop owner, who recommended a few businesses where I could purchase my favourite vegetables and also advised that if I couldn’t locate anything, I could send him a WhatsApp message with a list and he could deliver the following day. 

Now, this guy does not have an internet store, but he does have a physical store where he has built a relationship with me over time that has resulted in me being a return customer and having a significantly greater Customer Life Time Value than others.

What you’ve noticed is that the business owner is building that connection and recommending products based on my purchasing habits, visit patterns, and periodically asking for additional information about myself. Isn’t that strong and obvious? 

One satisfied client that buys from you, again and again, might be the equal of 100 one-time purchases, and one business owner nailed it.

Fact check: Personalised emails have a greater open and conversion rate

The same principles apply to brand owners selling online, whether on marketplaces such as Amazon or your website. 

Personalised email communication is only possible if you can make use of data that has been collected over time.

You can’t afford to disregard customer information. 

Relationships, not deep discounts, are the foundation of good email marketing. When you know your buyers, you can build a relationship with them. And you’ll get to know your customers by leveraging your most valuable asset: Customer Data. 

 You can’t afford to disregard customer information. 

What can data tell you about your consumers and your brand?

What possibilities can you generate with data -  

  1. KYC – Know your consumers – You’ll get to know them better.  
  2. What they’re purchasing, when they’re buying, and why they’re buying may all be found out if you dig a little deeper.  
  3. What items are they purchasing as a group?  
  4. Sort your top customers by how recently they bought, how frequently they shop at your business, and how much money they’ve spent so far. R.F.M (Recency, Frequency, and Monetary) Segmentation is the technical word for it.  
  5. What things are people praising and what products are they criticising?  
  6. Determine who are your first-time consumers, repeat buyers, and bulk purchasers.  
  7. What level of engagement do customers have with your email marketing follow-ups. 

I could keep writing since the possibilities are endless, but I’ll stop now.  

Check out this blog on how to Get Higher Ranking on Amazon by Boosting Sales Velocity.

How can you utilise data to personalise your email marketing campaigns? 

Emails are dull, and any marketing message that isn’t personalised is uninteresting. That is why conversion rates are low and unsubscribe rates are high.  

But things changed significantly when you started using data, especially pulling up the most recent consumer data and building the marketing funnel around it.

Consider the following examples: 

  1. First-time buyers should be welcomed and introduced to your brand. If they purchase again, there is no need to send the same email.  
  2. Segment and foster what may be a viable next route based on what they purchased (another product that goes well with their first purchase or some useful info that helps in utilising the product)  
  3. Create Order transaction emails based on whether they are first-time purchasers or regular buyers.  
  4. When people leave reviews, send out email campaigns.  
  5. Inform customers when they return your goods and personalise based on the information (reason of return, product etc) 
  6. Send personalised coupon coupons when a client hits a particular sale amount, for as a 50% coupon code when a customer’s lifetime sales exceed $1000.  
  7. Make them feel like VIPs.  
  8. There’s a lot more to say. Consider how you will serve and interact with them if you are well acquainted with them. 

Because no two clients are identical, email personalisation may provide a huge chance to extract additional value from each one. 

E-commerce Data Marketing Hexagon Framework™

  1. Obtain – Obtain all of the info (leads, sales data from all the stores include all the marketplaces where you are selling your products)  
  2. Aggregate and integrate everything into a single system.  
  3. Transform – This is where you will align all of the data sensibly and consistently.  
  4. Insights – Analyse the data, look for trends, and develop a hypothesis that can be tested and validated.  
  5. Actions – Create triggers and actions depending on the insights’ findings.  
  6. Measure the findings and feed them back into the extraction process. Rep the process. 

It is easier said than done since it may require E-commerce specialised Data specialists with business and technical expertise to develop. 

At Fulon, we can help in finding the story that your data tells. 

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