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In the ever-changing world of Amazon, we understand the importance of your efforts to attract loyal customers and create valuable experiences that boost your sales...

But..given Amazon's restricted data visibility, how do you, as an Amazon brand owner, differentiate between your loyal customers and one-time shoppers?

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Find hidden secrets in Amazon data to improve products and increase customer satisfaction.
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Profound Customer Metrics

Gain valuable insights into your customers' behavior, customize your Amazon products and customer services effectively,
and boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How can Customer Metrics boost your Amazon business?

Discover valuable insights from Customer Metrics to stay ahead of competition on Amazon.

Understand what drives customers to purchase through Customer Metrics, and create effective listings.

Leverage Customer Metrics to communicate with your audience, improve your Amazon store, and drive growth.

Here's what you'll get with your FREE Amazon Brand Assessment:


Uncover trends to fine-tune pricing and boost sales strategies.

Total Buyers

Gauge your market’s potential and craft winning ad campaigns.

Repeat buyers

Pinpoint your brand’s VIP customers for laser-focused promotions.

Real email

Strengthen customer bonds and amplify targeted marketing.

Total returns

Spot product flaws and elevate your offerings and service.

Total Order

Track your brand’s journey and stay ahead of emerging trends.

Average Number of orders

Unlock insights into customer loyalty and seize upsell opportunities.

Customer retention rate

Dive into retention challenges and design irresistible comeback offers.

Median CLV

Identify your gold-star customers and tailor marketing efforts.

Average CLV

Measure the true value of each customer and enhance retention initiatives.

Median AOV

Decode shopper trends to set the right price and marketing angle.

Average AOV

Analyze revenue streams to fine-tune pricing and promotional tactics.

Median AOV from first time buyers

Uncover new customer trends to refine pricing and promotions.

Median AOV from repeat buyers

Decode repeat customer habits for optimal pricing and outreach.

Average days between orders

Tap into customer behavior to boost retention and marketing.

Median days between orders

Measure intervals between purchases to optimize campaign timing.

Revenue by sales channel

Spot your top sales channels and fine-tune the rest for maximum impact.

Powerful Customer Segmentation Data

With Customer Segmentation, you can offer Amazon shoppers exactly what they want.

Remember, you're not just selling, you're connecting.
It ensures every promotion or product you showcase feels handpicked for each shopper.

Discover these customer profiles from your Amazon Brand:



Big Spender


New Customer

Need Attention

About To Sleep

Lost Customer

Golden Data-Driven R.F.M. Analysis

Meet R.F.M – your golden trio of Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value!

R.F.M metrics can help you discover Amazon shoppers eager to embrace your brand.

Analyze customer recency, frequency, and monetary data to create targeted marketing campaigns.

Recency Analysis

See who’s engaged recently and spot those drifting away.

Frequency Analysis

Find out who keeps coming back for more.

Monetary Analysis

Identify your big spenders and potential upsell opportunities.

Discover the game-changing powerful process of finding the Perfect Customer Journey

#1. Connect

Get all your Amazon data in one place, making it simple to know your customers and decide wisely for your brand.

#2. Harmonize

Understand your customers better, discover their preferences, and use this knowledge to boost your sales with effective marketing.

#3. Automate

Knowing your customers’ preferences lets you send them the right messages.

Use powerful insights to develop personalized brand strategies that connect with customers, increasing engagement and loyalty.


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