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Starting out in Amazon Marketplace

Everything you need to build a scalable Brand on Amazon

Already selling on Amazon Marketplace

Sales and Marketing tools and Done with you to build the repeat buyers

An Agency helping other Amazon Brand Owners

Special Done with You service to serve your clients and increase ROI


Get more buyers and Reviews to Amazon Listing

Get the super launch automation to attract your ideal customers

Grow the marketable list of Amazon buyers

Build two step funnels and more to get real emails and order information

Automate the business

Create the whole Amazon Operating System so you do the important stuff and automate the rest



Integrate all the Marketplace data in one single system, Automation Engine of Amazon Operating System
  • Sync your sales data
  • Integrate Amazon and Shopify stores
  • Complete CRM for amazon sellers
  • Match buyer's real email with amazon orders
  • Track buyer's events and trigger automation
  • Automate discount code
  • Smart analytics of the sales data


Communicate like a human with personalized email messages. Send your emails based on triggered events

  • Unlimited subscribers - absolutely no limit
  • Unlimited email automation
  • Unlimited email broadcast
  • Segment - Find and award your best customers
  • Automate every buyer-seller message in one single software
  • Create personalized messaging


Popup funnels for smart marketers. Convert More Visitors to Customers

  • Unlimited subscribers - absolutely no limits
  • Unlimited email automation
  • Unlimited email broadcast
  • Segment - Find and award your best customers
  • Automate every buyer-seller message in one single software
  • Create personalized messaging

Done with You Amazon OS™

Literally an EVERYTHING-YOU-NEED. An irresistible offer that solves nearly every single problem you face in launching or scaling to the next level.

We'll take care of..

  • Full Amazon and Shopify Integration and Setup
  • Setup Automated Buyer-Seller Emails
  • Setup Custom Holiday Email Marketing
  • Build Custom Funnels on your Domain
  • Management of Customer Email List
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Skyrocket your Amazon Sales with Full-On Solution.

Turn insights into action, boost your sales, and build stronger relationships with your customers.

*14-day free trial. No credit card required.

Experience a hands-on approach that transforms your eCommerce journey.​

We make it easy for you to connect your Amazon and Shopify stores. Plus, we help you take care of your customers in a way that boosts their interest, your sales, and their loyalty to your brand.

From Product Focus to Customer-Centric Success..

Sachin Mishra, Co-Founder of Fulon, started his adventure by selling kitchen tools on Amazon back in 2016. Throughout his journey in eCommerce, he noticed that like many other sellers, he was focusing a lot on his products. Over time, he saw how Amazon succeeded by always putting customers first.

With his background as a business consultant and analyst, Sachin believed strongly in the power of understanding customer needs through data. But he faced a big challenge: he couldn’t find the right tool to get deep insights from Amazon’s marketplaces in both the US and the UK.

This challenge sparked an idea, leading him to create Fulon. This tool is all about crafting ‘The Perfect Customer Journey.’ It’s a friendly CRM solution that ties together platforms like Amazon and Shopify — packed with helpful tools to understand customers better, manage emails, and build funnels and landing pages, all in one easy-to-use place.

All-in-1 Solutions for your perfect customer journey

With all Fulon apps working together, managing your Amazon and Shopify brand becomes much easier.
Enjoy the simplicity of having everything you need in one place.


Explore the reasons behind every purchase.

Gain insights into every customer move and track everything from sales and returns to customer feedback effortlessly. Get a full range of tools that help you analyze and automate your business activities, making it easier to grow your brand.

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Communicate smarter, not harder.

Grow your audience easily. Connect with your customers through messages just for them, making new buyers your brand’s biggest fans.

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Boost your Amazon sales with custom funnels.

Use our simple drag-and-drop tool with over 90 integrations to easily create funnels that boosts your sales and reviews with every customer interaction.

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Be present wherever your customers are.

Handle all your social media accounts in one easy system. Improve how plan your posts better with our scheduling feature.

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Our Done-With-You Service


Go beyond surface-level data.

Quickly review your customer information in your CRM and connect it to your Amazon and Shopify lists. This helps you get their contact details, so you can easily communicate with them and build their loyalty to your brand.

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Trusted by Brands

Top brands, ranging from providers of essential baby nutrition to innovators in tech accessories,
have made Fulon their go-to solution.

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Understand your customers better.