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fulon gives you EVERYTHING you need to Launch, Rank and get more Reviews and Sales. It will supercharge your CRM and customer will fall in with your Brand.

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The ULTIMATE Amazon-CRM and Marketing Tool.

Designed by Amazon Sellers for Amazon Sellers.


Use Amazon CRM (ACRM) to turn your customers into raving fans of your brand

Easily find your top customers and give them full-on VIP treatment. Fulon has simplified segmenting your customers as the first-time, repeat or bulk buyer customers and send a personalised message to build the human relationship. Fulon seamlessly integrates Amazon data with your CRM’s and build a personalised relationship with each customer. It even makes your unhappy customer a loyal follower of your brand.

See how ACRM TM reads the minds of your customers.

Get rid of all the tools as we have covered EVERYTHING and UNLIMITED​

Fulon has checked all your goals

More Five Star Feedback

Fulon has SHOCK and AWE Buyer Seller Messaging Automation​

More Sales and Product Ranking

Unlimited Funnels and landing pages ​​

More Traffic

Build Facebook Audience from your past Amazon customers

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Your Brand will stand out from rest of the Amazon Sellers

Over 90% of customers buy from brands that recognise, remember, and tailor to them. Fulon will make your CRM to do all that. Get in on an Amazon-CRM (ACRM) that uses customer insight, data, and smarter email marketing automation to grow and scale. With the best customer experience, your brand will will Stand out full-on.​​

Know more about Smart Brand Automation

Transform the CRM into Full-on Sales, Marketing and Customer engagement fully automated working 24x7​

Fulon knows what your customers want and which product they may buy just like Amazon. It not only seamlessly integrates your Amazon business with the CRM, it also make it super smart customer focused sales system.

Find out more about your 24x7 full-on Sales Engine.
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See how Fulon will transform your Amazon online Brand.

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How It Works



Integrate your amazon customer and sales data with your CRM. With deep analytics find your first time buyer, repeat buyers. Segment your customer and sales and refunds.



Send personalised Order email. Turn Amazon Refunds to new sale and five star feedback.Automated sale funnels in Facebook Match personal email of Amazon customer with their orders.



Custom based Dashboard for you sales and customers. Integrate with Google Data Studio for best analytics. Easy Repeat and scale system to build your Brand.

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Turn your Amazon Sales and Customer data in to Action with your deep integration with popular CRM software

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