Your everything-you-can sales and marketing platform for selling on Amazon

CRM, email, landing pages and so much more. All in a unified easy-to-use suite. Proven to drive more revenue without having to buy any other tools with done-with-you promise.

14 days free trial and 30 days full on guarantee

How Fulon creates repeat buyers for brands selling on Amazon


Run external promotion and generate sales velocity

Create beautiful landing pages with Qliqup. Capture buyers data with unique and personalised offers and promotions. Increase visibility and revenue. Build unique two-step funnel to increase sales and get real emails of your Amazon buyers.


Consolidate and segment your order data and find your super awesome buyers

Integrate all your sales data in few clicks. Find deep insights about your buyers. Segment, track and trigger automation based on buyer’s purchase behaviour. Unleash the power of your buyer’s data.


Organize and trigger powerful email marketing with Curvv CRM

Data in one place, access it anywhere.
Know each of your buyers, who they are, what they buy and from where they buy all in one place. With Curvv, you have one place for leads, buyer’s data, email campaigns and more

Meet our group Of happy brand owners selling on Amazon


We’ve been using Fulon for all of our marketing needs and able to get rid of clutter of multiple software to manage the Amazon business

Sarah A
verified seller


We are able to increase by 60% the Customer Life Time Value. Now we have more repeat sales and able to expand our marketing budget and more products

verified seller

14 days free trial and 30days full on guarantee

We’ve helped brand owners selling on Amazon to grow revenue by 60% in less than 9 months and double the buyer’s list with real contacts

Fulon’s unique Amazon Operating System helped brand owners to build the scalable brand. Our promise is to work with you to attract and retain your ideal buyers by delivery value to your customers

A playbook to build a winning brand

Learn about 25 things every e-commerce business should and can automate and how automating process is easier than you might think.

Fulon is trusted by Amazon sellers of all sizes to help them expand their businesses

Starting out

Launch your brand on Amazon

Launch and sell your brand products on Amazon using the Fulon unified software suite. Build the data-driven digital real estate to establish your brand. Everything you need to build a scalable brand is there in one single platform.

Expert sellers

Automate with Amazon Operating System

Uniquely designed Amazon Operating System to manage and automate your brand’s sales and marketing. Amazon OS focussed on building the buyer’s journey from first time buyer to repeat and to loyal brand follower. You do the things that matters, automate the rest with Amazon OS.

Brand Agency

Customise Done-with-you to increase ROI

Be on the preferred list of your clients and we will build the automation to scale the business. We help brands grow by minimising risks. We will be your virtual Growth team to bring customers with proven growth fundamentals to achieve profitable and scalable customer acquisition and retention.

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14 days free trial and 30 days full on guarantee