Fulon – Perfect Amazon Customer Journey

Fulon Software Suites: Enabling Amazon marketers to build personalized customer focus marketing automation using the power of data.

"Attract more buyers

Double your Amazon Sale

by converting new orders into leads and then repeat buyers"

(without having to hire or rely on a marketing agency!)

In 20 mins or less, we will show you who your ideal customer is & what they must see and feel so they buy.

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Repeat Buyers

What is Perfect Customer Journey...?

How Amazon Marketer can build the Perfect Customer Journey
from a new Order to a Lead to repeat Buyers and raving fans
Perfect Customer Journey

Fulon is a Customer Analytics and Email Marketing CRM for Amazon Marketer

Yes, Fulon Software Suites were created so that Brand owners selling on Amazon like you, can build the Brand by personalizing and focusing on the customers as Amazon does. Let me show you how it works:

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Use Fulon to turn your customers into raving fans of your brand

Easily find your top customers and give them full-on VIP treatment. Fulon has simplified segmenting your customers as the first-time, repeat or bulk buyer customers and send a personalised message to build the human relationship. Fulon seamlessly integrates Amazon data with your CRM’s and build a personalized relationship with each customer. It even makes your unhappy customer a loyal follower of your brand.

Fulon Gives You The Tools And Strategies You Need In One Convenient Spot!

Fulon has checked all your goals:

  • More Five Star Feedback: Fulon has SHOCK and AWE Buyer Seller Messaging Automation​
  • More Sales and Product Ranking: Unlimited Funnels and landing pages ​​
  • More Traffic: Build Facebook Audience from your past Amazon customers

Your Brand will stand out from rest of the Amazon Sellers

Over 90% of customers buy from brands that recognise, remember, and tailor to them. Fulon will make your CRM to do all that. Get in on an Amazon-CRM (ACRM) that uses customer insight, data, and smarter email marketing automation to grow and scale. With the best customer experience, your brand will will Stand out full-on.​​

Not Sure How You'd Use A Fulon Suite To Grow Your Brand?

Tell us what type of brand you own, and we’ll show you the type of automation you should be using AND we’ll GIVE YOU our blueprint strategy customized for your business!

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25 Automation Playbook

Read on to discover how automation can benefit six areas of your E-COMMERCE business: leads, sales, e-commerce, customer service and engagement, events and office management.

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