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Full-On Ecom

It goes back to the time when we were small Amazon Sellers and realized that most of the Amazon sellers are completely focusing on their products while Amazon itself is focusing on its customers and becoming a $ trillion company. We did research on using the same approach as
Amazon to focus on the automation of sales and marketing with the customer-centric approach.

Our challenge was there was no such integration tool that can integrate the data from various marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart, etc., and make sense of the data to give deep insights into their customer behavior and automate the sales and marketing with customer focus approach.

This was the trigger point for building an app to connect the best eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon with the best Sales and Marketing CRM software with full Customer Data Analysis.

Today, Fulon suite of software is the rising all-in-one platform for selling on Amazon

We feel the Customer Relationship, Full-On focus on the customers, so is our name Fulon

CRM, email, landing pages and so much more. All in a unified easy-to-use suite. Proven to drive more revenue without having to buy any other tools with a done-with-you promise

Everything-you-can sales and marketing platform for selling on Amazon

Fulon | Amazon Seller Tools and Analytics Software

Fulon Amazon Selling Operating System

Attract more buyers, rank your products and double your sales by building personalized, customer focus marketing automation using the power
of data that can outsell your competition, provide more value to your customers, and are easier, quicker, and more enjoyable to create than you
ever thought possible

Fulon DWY (Done with you) Service

Every business is unique and our team understands that to build a unique strategy and automation to build a human relationship with your buyers. Your success is our success and our entire crew enjoy your success as ONE Team.

Our Promise

We at Fulon are committed to empowering E-commerce brand owners selling on Amazon and other marketplace to create the brand by delivering a fulfilling experience to their customer/buyers and building human relationships that will inspire, excite, and WOW them every single time.

Our Vision

Delivering growth for E-commerce brands selling on Amazon through tools, technology, and systems to build a sustainable scalable model based on delivering value to their customers every single time

Fulon TEAM