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Amazon Product Ranking Playbook

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We have moved into an era of complicated and niche search engines. We need to realize that there are some very specific Search Marketing Tactics that we need to deploy to increase our Ranking on Amazon. Now, let me tell you that these tactics are different for every Search Engine. Let’s talk about the biggest and the most complex Search Engine today, Amazon.

The first and the most important element to improve sales of your product is to increase its Ranking on Amazon search results. The sales will increase when your product is ranked higher and is easily visible to the visitors on Amazon. Let’s understand the elements that effect the Ranking on Amazon for product listings in various search results.

5 Elements of every Amazon Listing which help in Enhancing the Ranking on Amazon

Get higher Ranking on Amazon by Boosting Sales Velocity
  • In simple terms, Sales velocity is an average of the Frequency and Recency at which a product is being purchased and it is an important element for us to improve the Ranking on Amazon.
  • Big purchase volumes in a small period indicates to Amazon that a product is in demand and that it should be ranked higher in its search engines.
  • Promotions and Launches can be used to increase the Sales Velocity which helps increase the Ranking on Amazon.
    • Offer discounts or coupons to attract more visitors to the listing and get higher purchase volumes in return.
    • For example, a Landing Page can be created offering a Coupon Code offering a huge discount. We can receive contact information of the visitor when they apply
      for the Coupon Code and the Sales Velocity is increased when the Coupons are being redeemed. This increased Sales Velocity helps improve the Ranking on Amazon. You can save the contact information received and use them for targeted
      marketing campaigns in the future as well.
Getting a lot of Verified Reviews
  • Consistent flow of verified product reviews is the best way to keep the ranking. This allows not only identify new keywords and features based on the genuine buyers’ feedback but also help in improving the quality of the product .
  • What is needed an automated ways to get those reviews. Think of all the funnels where you are engaged with your buyer and asking for feedback.
  • Ask for buyer’s feedback on the right time, when product arrived send a personalised email. Segment your customer if they are first time buyer, repeat buyer or subscribe and save buyer. More your personalise better the chance that they will leave a review.
  • Having an automation and campaigns in place to push the buyers to leave positive reviews as well because this will make the customers feel that their feedback is important which will improve the Customer Experience.
  • More positive reviews may help with the higher Ranking on Amazon which in return
    ensures higher sales volume.
  • Having a great Sales and Marketing Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and active email campaigns will enhance the customer experience of your brand but we should not underestimate the importance of Requesting Review from Amazon.
  • Because many Amazon customers are opting out of the third party messaging, Amazon gives an option to send an email to the buyer requesting a review. But it is quite twisted as one must search the orders in the reports and then request the review and in most cases Review request might not be eligible because it falls of a window of days when you can ask for review.

We at Fulon understand that Requesting Reviews on Amazon is a tricky process. So, we have made Requesting Reviews as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  • Fulon will show only those orders which are eligible for Product Reviews, so you simply
    have to click the Review Request and it will send the request to your Buyer.
  • The Fulon app populates all the important data, including orders and contacts automatically
  • So, with most of the work done, you just need to go to Automate you click on Request  Review option beside the order and it takes you directly to the Orders page on Amazon.
  • Once on the Amazon Order Reports page, you just click on Request Reviews, and an email will be sent by Amazon Requesting a Review on your behalf.

We at Fulon have professionally designed 'Request a Review' and many more campaigns and automation just for Sellers on Amazon to help increase Ranking on Amazon and the Sales Volume

Content should be rich in Keywords for a better Ranking on Amazon
  • The content needs to be very compelling for the CTR to increase. You must study the other product listings in the same category to understand the gaps instead of trying to copy them.
  • Every research must be focused on keywords that others may have missed and use these gaps to strengthen the product listing. This will help a product stand apart and show up in search results for various keywords. More visible your listing is, better chances of higher sales and higher the sales, better Ranking on Amazon!.
  • Content should be very rich in keywords and it includes
    • Page Title – The page title needs to be focused on keywords and should focus on
      the feature that will compel a visitor to visit the Product Page.
    • Description – This field should be very rich in keywords and should be a minimum of 250 words. You can use this to highlight all the features of your product and try to impress the visitor enough to convert to a buyer. Also understand that the Description is where the final doubts of the visitors should be clarified.
    • Technical Details – This section is optional but should be filled in if applicable

Create a Sponsored Ad campaign using our Holiday-Specific Keywords to attract holiday customers.

Give me the Formula!

Important / Useful Information – This section is optional as well but be sure to fill it up using the keywords as every section helps in the ranking.

Getting a high CTR or Click Through Rate
  • CTR OR Click Through Rate simply means, how many times did a product appear in a search result and how many times did a visitor click on the listing and visit the product page.
  • A high CTR will indicate Amazon that the keywords used in the listing are related to the
    product and that the visitors are being attracted to the product. This will make Amazon list the product higher in search results of the keywords with higher CTR.
  • CTR also depends on how compelling the content is as the visitors make the first purchase by going through the listing and if the listing can create the desired picture, nothing can stop them from becoming our loyal customers.
  • Availability is another important factor that directly affects the CTR. The available products which are deliverable in a shorter period tend to have a higher CTR than the other listings.

Choosing the Right Category will get your listing visible to the right audience which will lead to a high CTR.

Choosing the Right Category
  • Where does a skin care product have a higher chance of attracting sales? In the skin care category or a healthcare category? We already have the answer, and this also explains the importance of listing a product in the right category.
  • Listing in the right category will help the listing get more targeted focus in the search results which in return will enhance the CTR and this in return will improve the ranking of the product.

A whole lot of Automation, Campaigns and Flows, designed by professionals, specially for Sellers on Amazon are available. Always optimize keeping in mind the next step. Here, the first step is sales and the next step is positive reviews so you must have a plan prepared to get more reviews.

For further information, have a look at the things you must know about outsourcing your product.

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