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Viral Quiz Funnel – 5 Step to generate Insane Leads and Sales

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No strategy is good enough without a research and a solid case study will always help the results hold a high rank. For example, this topic, Viral Quizzes. When you read along, you will come across solid research and case study to prove that creating a Viral Quiz will help you generate insane leads and knowing how to target these leads can help you generate that million dollar in sales. 

The question that you, as an eCommerce business owner need to ask is, what is the single most important asset in your eCommerce Business? 

The answer in very simple le-man terms is that the most important asset of any business, eCommerce or offline is the list of active leads. 

It is evidently clear that every business owner is running behind creating that list, but it is not as easy as it was in the past. The reason behind the increased complication is that the entire traffic of potential leads is concentrated to two websites, 

  • Facebook 
  • Google 

Statista has published numbers which state that 77% of the entire referral traffic comes from these two platforms, which means that you must focus on Facebook and Google to generate leads and strengthen your list. If 77% of the traffic is on these 2 platforms means that at least 95% of the sellers are here trying to attract them to the product that they are offering. Most of your competition is already present on the network trying to snatch all the potential leads from you. 

The most important element in your entire marketing strategy should be another question which is how can you stand out of the competition? 

Let’s discuss a marketing strategy that has proved to be most effective and is used by brands who own the biggest list on the planet. This strategy is, ‘generating active leads by Quizzes and Assessments’. 

As I said, case study and examples help prove a statement which is as strong as the one we used above, ‘a marketing strategy that has proved to be most effective and is used by brands who own the biggest list on the planet’. 

So, there is a book called Strengthfinder 2.0 by Tom Rath which is a result of a solid 40 year research. The promoters and marketers created an assessment and 7 million people took it. Can you believe the number? 7 million leads with a single assessment? Insane, right? 

Second example that is intimidating is that of a skincare brand called ProactiveThe marketing team of Proactive spend most of their marketing budgets on ‘direct response television advertising’ and the number is way more than any other brands in the world. So, the team created a simple quiz called, ‘what is my skin type’. If the numbers of Strengthfinder boggled you, you should wait till you know the engagement that Proactive generated. It was 20 million. Yes, 20 million people took the quiz and Proactive now has a list of a solid 20 million active leads. 

Do you still need more examples? Ok then, the third case study is that of a health and fitness company called Sharecare. Can you imagine the insanity of the results of any highly targeted marketing campaigns done with 40 million leads? Well, Sharecare surely knows it because their quiz campaign, ‘real age test’ generated 40 million engagement. This means they now have 40 million leads which means that they can shoot personalized emails with special offers and even if the conversion rate is 1%, which is 400,000, we’ll need a scientific calculator to know the income generated. Let’s assume that the conversion rate wasn’t 1% but 0.10% and we will still need a calculator. 

Basics of Creating that Million Dollar Viral Quiz

If you believe that you have an idea and you can now create a quiz and get a million leads, it’s not that easy if you haven’t worked on the basics. Working on creating the quiz is way more tiring because it’s a lengthy process but always remember, ‘the more you sweat in practice, the less you bleed in war’. 

The first element of preparing the blueprint of a quiz is asking a lot of questions and finding answers to them. The following questions can help you get started, 

  • Is your business even ready to take a quiz? 
  • Which is that one idea around which you want to design your quiz? 
  • How to come up with a content that can generate a very high engagement? 
  • Which crazy catchy title will help your quiz get attention? 
  • Which questions will help you target the right segment of potential leads? 
  • Which questions will you not ask, even by mistake to avoid the wrong leads from getting into your list? 
  • How many questions should you ask? 
  • What will help your quiz get viral and reach the maximum number of potential leads? 
  • What is that one element which will encourage the potential leads, not to only give you the details and take the quiz but also share it on their social media? 
  • Which specific details you need to address which creating your custom audience so that you reach the right traffic? 
  • What can make your leads to make a purchase from you as soon as they have taken the quiz? 

Yes, I know that you’re now scratching your head and probably hate me for showing you that you need to work on that last bit of details in your marketing strategy to achieve the results that you wish for. Using simple paid promotions will not get you the amount of attention if your entire campaign isn’t 100% perfect. You can simply create a quiz and boost it and then complaint that this strategy doesn’t work or you can keep reading, make notes and also, you can download this in a PDF format and use it as a handbook. 

This post is the result of tireless research and is meant to help you generate hundreds of thousands of active leads, grow your list and work towards becoming that multimillion dollar eCommerce business owner! 

Let’s understand the 5 most important elements that can help you build that Million Dollar Quiz Funnel

Design a Perfect Quiz Flow

This, even though it seems too simple to be important, is the most important element to create that unbeatable Quiz Funnel. It’s like, you design blueprints before you start building your dream home, right? You make sure that you follow the blueprint to the minutest detail and that how you build a house that you love and your neighbours’ envy.

This applies to your Quiz Funnel as well. Use all the resources available so that you are not stuck to your computer because there is much that you can see the moment you step out. Think outside the box but don’t forget to think as that visitor who is going to engage in your quiz.

Find that perfect hook

Hook here refers to the element which you will use to attract that perfect potential traffic to engage in your quiz. If your quiz is not catchy or if your quiz doesn’t magnify that one thing which is going to attract the traffic, it can end as a disaster. If you study all the insanely successful quizzes you will surely see that the secret to their massive victories is an invisible but very powerful psychological hook. So how to work towards creating that hook, you ask? Consider the following points to get started,

  • Quiz Topic: The quiz topic must be something that at least 50% of your potential traffic might be interested in. For example, if you are a skin care brand, your topic can be ‘how healthy is your skin?” Everyone who is buying skincare products would want to know if their skin is healthy enough, right? This is the traffic which is highly likely to purchase your skincare products, and this is what you need to target. So, you can say that the Quiz Topic acts as a filter as well as a hook here.
  • Quiz Types: You can speak to a lot of people and try to find out which quiz type should you work upon but do it at your own risk as it can make your head spin. There are hundreds of quiz types but the following three are the ones which are known to get mischievously viral,
    • Type Quizzes: What type is your skin or what type is your hair etc. This type of hook generally is about self-discovery. You are giving them something to discover like their own skin or hair or personality etc.
    • Gain and Loss: The fear of loss is way more powerful than any promises of gain. You must use this to your benefit and the topics for such types of quizzes can be like, ‘what is the reason for failure?’ or ‘you can be successful if you know this’ etc.
    • Score Quiz: Everyone likes to be better then others, right? So, let’s say that your initial visitor scores a good score, it is only natural that the visitor will share the post and challenge the contacts. You organically have more engagement which will lead to more leads in your list.

Split-Test your Four best quiz ideas to identify the one which attract the most engagement because that idea represents the hook with the highest potential.

You can also do a split-test for subject lines with your email list and choose the one with the highest opening rate.

Ask the Right Questions

You must double check to be sure that the questions that you ask in the quiz are related to your business. For example, do not spend time knowing the hair type if you are a skin care company because it is highly possible that the visitor may not even be interested in skin care products.

You need to ensure that the quiz has a proper outcome and use logics to segment the traffic according to the results. This will refine your leads and the campaigns will be way more focused that using generic segments to create your list.

You can use the following points as your checklist to generate that perfect quiz,

  • Ensure micro commitments which means keep 1 question per screen.
  • You can start with simple binary choice questions to help the visitor easily slide in the game. Try to collect the basic information here, for example, ‘are you a male or a female’, or ‘what’s your date of birth’ and basic things like that. It is to know the visitor a little more and making the visitor feel comfortable.
  • Always wait for the visitor to answer the simple questions before asking them for the email address. The visitor feels that you now know the basics and wouldn’t mind giving you the details.


Create an Irresistible Offer

There are two elements of any offer that you plan to offer, and you cannot skip them because they are way too important to miss.

  • Instant Fix: For example, if you are an IT company, your quiz can be, ‘know if your computer is in great health’ and you can offer some free advice on ‘how to make your computer perform faster’. The second part acts as a quick fix and this will also act as an awesome hook and the visitor may not be able to resist taking that quiz. This will act as a first aid that you give when a child falls off a bike. It may not be a permanent solution but something to get the visitor going.
  • The quiz should help them find a long-term solution as well: So, the free app you offered above is a quick fix but what if there is a deadly virus in the visitors PC? You need to have an irresistible offer for them, for example, a paid anti-virus at 50% discount.
Use the Right Tools

There are so many tools available on various platforms which help you take a survey to find the right data. These tools collect and analyse insane amount of data in no time.

Well, you should not fall in the trap!

Not all tools are focused on conversion, but the content is written by professionals so again, don’t fall in the trap.

The right tool for you would be the one which can build the right marketing funnels for you and segment the contacts. This will give you the right data which you can use to create that one perfect offer which would have the potential to go viral.

Here are some quick checkpoints for you to keep in mind in order to find that perfect tool,

  • The tool should have a feature called Branching Logic. This means that you can branch/segment all the answers into separate buckets which in return will help you build the right custom audiences.
  • Pixel Segmentation is equally important as it helps you capture the pixels of the visitors based on every answer they provide and then segment the data and empower your custom audience list.
  • It should be able to Keep Scores.
  • The tool should be advanced enough to allow you to personalise the content on the outcome page according to the answers provided by the visitor.

You should also be able to design detailed quiz funnel analytics and, you should be able to track the success of the funnel.

Check out this blog for a comprehensive list of ideas for your Product Strategy.


In the end, just like every other process in your eCommerce business, there is no shortcuts to create a Viral Quiz Funnel. You may be able to create a quiz funnel without much efforts but it wouldn’t go viral.

Simply follow the 5 points:

  1. Design a perfect quiz flow
  2. Find that perfect hook
  3. Ask the right questions
  4. Create an irresistible offer
  5. Use the right tools

You can use this eBook as your handbook as you create a quiz and you can be sure that the chances of your quiz going viral is way higher than your competition.

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