6-Stages of an Amazon E-Commerce Brand

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Whether you are new to selling on Amazon or a Pro Brand owner, there are stages you will for being a Successful Seller on Amazon eCommerce business.

Who is an Amazon FBA Entrepreneur?

Amazon Investors are those who have invested a lot of their time, money and energy being Sellers on Amazon eCommerce. They have worked their way to expand their Amazon business from just a single product to multiple products and have hustled to create their own Big Banner Brand.

The journey of every Big Brand starts from an idea and there is a complex pathway that every Brand Owners needs to follow to grow from an Idea to a Multi-million dollar Brand. 

There are studies that highlight the 6 stages that every Amazon Investor has to go through to attain unexpected success.

6 Stages of every Amazon Investor

Stage 1 – Excitement to become a Seller on Amazon

This stage is where the seed of a Big Banner Brand is planted. An individual learns that ‘Selling on Amazon‘ is a legitimate business with an insane earning potential.

Let’s say, for example that a man with a 9 to 5 job learn that one can make a decent side income by selling on Amazon. Also, one doesn’t need to invest a whole lot of time as Amazon provides FBA service.

A new side income just by investing just a few hours a day? Exciting right?

This is when the seed is planted and the Stage 1 has been triggered.

Stage 2 – Education about being a Seller on Amazon

99% of the potential investors will move to this stage and will put efforts to learn more about Selling on Amazon.

There are personal and online courses available which educate an individual about the Selling on Amazon business module.

These courses, for a fee will provide the potential investor with

  • Guidelines of Amazon
  • Steps to register on Amazon as a seller
  • Useful tools to research for the product
  • Easy ways to find and hire the right professional for the right job

This is the stage where in the potential investor might start investing. Monetary investment is required for

  • Courses to understand the business
  • Sampling and content to begin your product line as it is quite possible that one would find that one amazing product that he / she wants to sell on Amazon
Stage 3 – Focus

This is the most critical stage as this is where most dreams are shattered.

It is quite possible that the first product launched may not be a success. It can also be overwhelming to focus on Selling on Amazon business along with a stressful job.

One can win only if one is focused on the things that matter. Product, Sales and Achieving Success is where one has to focus on this stage to emerge as a winner.

This stage is critical as there would be a need to learn to overcome obstacles. Once the investor learns to manage the stress, he or she is one step forward towards owning a Big Banner Brand.

Stage 4 – Branding

The potential investor is now classified as a brand owner as one reaches this stage. The decision to stick to Selling on Amazon business has been made. Now one needs to start focusing on Improving the Product and Increasing the sales.

Most of the efforts are made to grow their sales on Amazon. It is all about growing and the focus is mainly on

  • Attracting Customers
  • Improving existing products
  • Launching new and improved variants of the product
  • Working on plans to increase the sales
Stage 5 – Ninja

The Brand Owner, at this stage is now focusing on creating a Brand Identity. The planning begins to create more sales channel to decrease their dependency on Amazon for sales.

The planning will including creating the brands very own online store and also engaging with other sales channels.

The brand owner now focuses on increasing the brand awareness by expanding the reach to unexplored regions and this is also the stage where tasks are being delegated to the team.

Also, this stage begins where the Brand Owner is not dependent on a full-time job for survival anymore.

This is when the brand is ready to become a Big Banner Brand!

Stage 6 – Expansion of your Seller on Amazon business

The brand is now established and the journey to become a Big Banner Brand has begun.

The owner now hustles to enter new regions and engage new customers which all leads to more recognition to the brand.

More promotions and influences are involved with the brand and nothing except becoming a Big Banner Brand matters anymore!

Check out these 5 key questions to help you start figuring out what’s important.

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