How to Create Custom Audience in Social Circles?

What are the tools you'll need to get started?
  • Fulon – This is an all-in-one Unified App that builds Buyer’s Data for Amazon Sellers.
  • Business Manager – This is a Facebook tool that helps you organize and manage your business.
Here are the steps on creating a Custom Audience using Social Circles:

A Custom Audience is an ad targeting tool in Fulon that allows you to discover your custom audiences among Amazon customers and connect this data to Facebook. To begin with, you must connect your Business Facebook Account in Fulon.

  • Sign in to Fulon site using your credentials.
  • On your Dashboard, select Seller Tools and click on Social Circles.
  • Click the Create Rule button.
  • On Step 1, select the Facebook Ads Account.
  • Click on Define Rule button.
  • On Step 2, select the Tag Event under SPARK Trigger. Click here on How to create Tag Events.
  • On the other hand, specify the number of days you want to filter past orders by.
  • Once completed, click on Activate button.
  • To check if the custom audience has been created successfully, go to > Ads Manager > Audiences and verify the newly created custom audience.