How to Create Tag Events in Fulon?

What are the tools you'll need to get started?
  • Fulon – This is an all-in-one Unified App that builds Buyer’s Data for Amazon Sellers.
Here are the steps on creating campaigns in Coupon Code Mailer using Fulon:

To begin with, you must create an appropriate tag for this tag events. Click here for your reference.

  • Sign in to Fulon site using your credentials.
  • On your Dashboard, select Seller Tools and click on Tag Events.
  • Click on Create tag events button.
  • On Step 1, choose the type of orders to which you want to apply the tags.
  • Then, select your preferred Order Event. In this example, select When the customer billing country is and click on Enter spark details button.
  • On Step 2, select the Country and click on Next button.
  • Next, select the appropriate Tag Category and Tag Name.
  • Enter the Tag Event Name.
  • Once completed, click on Spark It button.
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