How to Create Automation Emails using Curvv?

What are the tools you'll need to get started?
  • Curvv – This is a simple and powerful email marketing CRM tool.
Here are the steps on creating automation email in Curvv:

To begin with, you must create an appropriate tag for the automation email. Click here for your reference.

  • Sign in to Curvv site using your credentials.
  • On your Dashboard, click on Automation.
  • Then, click on Add New button.
  • Enter the Automation Name and select the Mail List.
  • You may also select your preferred Segment list.
  • Once completed, click on Get started button.
  • You’ll be taken to a new page where you can set up your automation email.
  • In this page, click on Trigger not set up yet.
  • Select Apply Tags from Automation Trigger.
  • Select the appropriate tag from the list and click on Confirm button.
  • Afterwards, click on plus (+) icon.
  • Select Send an Email for the action.
  • Configure the Email Setup and fill-out the information.
  • Configure the Email Setup and fill-out the information.
  • Once completed, click on Save & Next button. 
  • Then, you may select three (3) options to create an email: From a Template Layout, a Theme or upload your own template
  • In this example, select From a Template Layout.
  • Select 1 column from the layout.
  • Click the Email builder Classic button.
  • Compose and design your email accordingly. 
  • Once completed, click on Save button and the X button to go back.
  • You will be redirected to Email Content settings. 
  • Click on Next button.
  • Then, simply confirm the details and click on Close button.
  • Activate the automation email by clicking the Paused icon.
  • Click on OK button to confirm.
  • Congratulations! You have now created your automation email!



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