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How would you like to get a list of Highly Targeted Audience based on your Customer data and ensure high success of your Facebook Marketing Campaigns? Facebook Integration Feature by Fulon gets you that list by simply uploading a .csv file with details like First name, Last name and the Address.

Yes, it is as easy as that. Various sales channels allows you to download a .csv file with details like First name, Last name and Address of the customer and we can set your campaigns targeted to this audience.

When you use the ‘Select your target audience’ option on Facebook, the list is too broad. Most of the viewers may not be interested in your product but Facebook will charge you. This means that your campaign will have a low ROI but if the target list is based on you Customer Data, the viewers are more likely to re-engage with your brand which ensures that you get a higher ROI. This process means that your Amazon Marketing Campaign can be a highly success one.

Social Circle Automation by Fulon enables you to create rules which means that you can segment the data. For example, you can create one rule which with the list of first-time customers going to a FB Custom audience and a second rule having the details of customer who have made multiple purchases from your store to another custom audience. You can select if you want a segment of customer or the entire list when you set up a campaign.

Segmenting based on the product bought and buying behaviour will make your FB Ad not only effective but build the right relationship with your customers.

This data is very important to nurture your customers. An awesome customer experience ensures re-engagement which in return ensure higher sales for the brand. An accurate campaign can also convert the customer to an advocate of the brand which is the most important method of marketing.

Imagine having hassle-free campaigns and highly focused marketing campaigns all under one roof.

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Swipe and Deploy Segmentation and FB Customer Audience Funnel - works perfectly well for Infusionsoft/Keap CRM.
Create a customised list of audience based on your buyer’s Data for highly targeted marketing campaigns on Facebook.
Set triggers for various automations based on events.
Grab a Demo with our specialist on how you can implement this automatio.
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*Facebook Integration requires that you have an active Fulon Subscription

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