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Success G.A.M.E Plan

Table of Contents


In this blog, you will learn how to design your own success game plan, as well as how to reach the milestones and goals you desire for your business or personal accomplishments. We’ll start with the most important aspects of this technique.

Here are the four (4) core components to achieve a Success Game Plan..

#1 - Goal

The objective must be extremely specific, and it must be a SMART goal. And another part of that objective is to see where you’re likely to go, what it’s going to look like, how you’re going to feel about it, and where it’s going to take your business or brand. 

This very precise concept – Goal – must be time-bound.

#2 - Action

It is essential to know that while addressing actions, action does not just refer to your wants or desire to do something else. As an example, your aim is to earn between $50,000 and $100,000. In the following six months, you can declare, “I’m going to introduce two more more items which will generate $10,000 per month in revenue, bringing the total to $20,000″.

And here’s how you want to accomplish it: “I intend to launch the product.”. 

Check out this blog on How to Make Any Product a Super Selling Product.

You aim to release the product during the first month. And the sales will be X amount in the first month and Y amount in the second month. So this is your strategy.

You don’t know if you’ll be able to implement on it, but having those action plans in place is key to begin with.

The second aspect of the action is that you consider every time you have goals, they may not be just one action, but you may have to do a series of them, such as:

a. It may be your business procedures,

b. your marketing tactics, or

c. your operational efficiency in employing someone and managing the costs associated.

This is where you’ll spend a lot of time determining what actions are feasible. Having actions that are simply like a desire or a large enormous action that you are unable to perform, I would advise you to avoid such circumstances.

It is really challenging to accomplish what you desire in your goals. So it’s important that those actions are aligned with what your team or anyone you’re employing can really implement.

#3 - Measure

It is essential that your goal be extremely specific. It can’t be entirely random or ambiguous that I just wish to “double my sales.”.

”Double my sales,” in my opinion, is a rather illogical statement since you need to know “how you will double your sales.”

For example, “I’d want to quadruple my sales of these products. So I’m going to raise the sales of these items by X amount or by this date in order to enhance my revenue from the products that I’m selling.”

This is an illustration of a highly precise goal. You might also say, “raise my company’s income by $50,000 to $100,000 each month over the following six months.”

The measurement should be extremely straightforward; it should be easy to compute so that you can get the numbers you need, and you can measure it so that you can really put it on paper. 

At each point in time, you must quantify those measurable values, which might be revenues.

In this example, your goal is revenue, but you will measure it based on the quantity of products, reviews, customers, or whether or not your email list has been increased.

There are factors that define your goal’s success, and they are dependent on certain input criteria. Find those numbers, those parameters that you or anybody on your team can easily measure, and have those figures for each period so you can see where you’re heading on a period-by-period basis.

I suppose you should begin with one particular objective rather than creating tens of other sorts of goals. Simply stick to the one and observe how you’re putting it into action.

Again, it’s vital to have the ideal goal, one that you can feel, see, is time-bound, precise, and can be measured.

#4 - Enhance

Most of the time, people overlook this. You’ve established the entire action plan, you know how to measure it, you’ve set very precise targets, and you’re putting it into action. However, there are instances when you have developed those action plans and measurement criteria. You believe it can be improved because you now have additional information while doing such actions.

Such the strategy may be: We can refine it so that you never have to change the goal posts. You simply need to see where you’re going and then improve on it.

The key point is, how can you enhance? How can you accelerate your goal?

The strategies, procedures, your concept of winning the action, and the measuring plan are all part of Enhancement Factors. Always search for factors that will allow you to go far beyond your goals, since this will give you a boost.

What you’re striving to do is –  establish those actions inside that time frame and improve them depending on what’s occurring, what’s happening actually, and what’s doable.

Always consider what can be done now to enhance it further, what can be done now to reach that goal, and then just tweak it.

People don’t always alter their methods. I understand that consistency is vital, but if the activities are either not attainable or do not appear to be on track to meet the goals, you must modify them.

All of these essential components are Success Game Plan principles that may be applied not just to your business but also to your personal life.

Create your own Success Strategy for your business or personal goals.

Give me the Worksheet


To summarize, my first advice is to start with a single goal and give it a shot. There is just one thing to keep in mind, and that is to have a very precise goal. Consider just one objective, what you can accomplish, and the actions you will take to achieve it.

These actions must be aligned with you, your team, or someone in your network whose expertise you can leverage.

YouTube Video for More Tips

Check out this video to know more about the Success G.A.M.E Plan:

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