Steps to create an amazing brand for the product to sell on Amazon

“A brand is an emotional, visual, historical, and human. It’s an experience that separates different products and services in a world where quality is often comparable or the same. 

A brand must be eye-catching to the target audience and stand-out in the marketplace to build, expand and making any business run long. The design of the brand always depends on the type of audience that the business will have to target. The customer avatar is based upon 

  • Gender 
  • Age 
  • Negative remarks or expectations from the product that is currently available 
  • Location 
  • Income 
  • Profession and interests 

Everything cannot be pin pointed to accuracy but the above does help the designer to create something that is drill the target potential buyers!


  • Related to the product 
  • Match the customer avatar 
  • Maximum of 3 words (less preferred) 
  • Numbers and special characters are not preferred 
  • Should sound good and easy to pronounce and remember 
  • Unique and premium 

Naming ideas can come from all the friends and family, the more the better! 


  • .com and regional domain names should be available 
  • Trademark registration should be clear 

Once the list is short, next steps are 

  • Doing a manual check of the names using 
  • Hire a professional to design a logo (link to 
  • Make announcements on Social Media (create pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat etc.) 
  • Register domain names, make and launch landing pages (link to 
  • Register with Amazon Brand Registry 
  • Amazon intellectual property service 
  • Excess to Amazon stores, Enhanced listing, Headline search ads and much more  

(link to the brand registry homepage) 

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