Segment your buyers like Amazon using RFM Segmentation campaign

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What is RFM?

RFM Stands for

  • Recency – How recently has the customer made a purchase from you
  • Frequency – How frequently does the customer make a purchase from you
  • Monetary – How much does a customer spend while making a purchase from you.

RFM, Recency, Frequency and Monetary is a calculated individual and the customers are rated based on their transaction history. RFM score is an average of all the three-individual analysis. The RFM score helps identify the target audience for successful campaigning.

Why do you require the RFM Analysis?

80/20 rule of marketing states that 80% of your business comes from 20% customer

RFM Campaign Collects, Summarises, Rates and Segments the transaction history so you can identify those customers who are very likely to re-engage.

You can create highly targeted marketing content once you have the list of customers who are likely to respond. This help the brand have a high Return on Investment and lowers the Cost per Click expenses.

All-in-all, Fulon RFM Campaign Funnel helps attract success by increasing engagements at lower expenses.

You can use this data for

  • E-commerce Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Leads Management
Get RFM Campaign Funnel and Identify your targeted audience with potential to re-engage in your Promotions and Marketing.
Buy Now @ $499.99


Swipe and Deploy RFM Campaign Funnel works perfectly well for Infusionsoft/Keap CRM
Fully customized Automation Triggers
Three different Analysis (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) in one package
Calculates the RFM results and offers Customized segments for the average score. For example
  • Best – customers who have bought recently, buys often and spends the most
  • Very Good – One positive point, two average points but responsive to promotions
  • Good – three average points but responsive to promotions
  • Average – Bought within the past 60 days, has bought more than once, spends good money
  • Poor – Bought before 90 days, has made a purchase only once, spends less
  • The above are just examples and any customizations can be applied
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RFM Analysis will help the brand gain amazingly high success in the ad campaigns as the content and marketing will be highly targeted.

You can use this data for your Digital Marketing Campaigns outside the Fulon Environment.

Get RFM Campaign Funnel now and start building your ladder to high sales and higher success of your advertising campaigns
Buy Now @ $499.99

*RFM Campaign Funnel integration only works with Infusionsoft and require that you have an active Fulon Subscription

RFM Campaign Funnel integration only works with Infusionsoft and require that you have an active Fulon Subscription.

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