Enrich Customer Data

Communicate with your customers like a friend by knowing more about them. Build the relation which lasts forever with Enrich Customer Data.


Perfect journey from unknown buyer to a friendly buyer

By having a full customer profile (name and address) linked to your buyer profile, you can personalise your order transaction emails, and other communication emails. It will make your Brand look like talking to a friend rather than an ordinary unknown customer.

Fulon does that by allowing you to enhance the customer data with simple upload feature which will sync with your CRM seamlessly.

We call this ECDTM (Enrich Customer Data) TM as this is the way to personalise your messaging to your Amazon buyers.

One Click Upload Unlimited Times with Reporting Dashboard

We made the process simple and straight forward with just One Click upload. Enrich the customer data as many times be it for latest customers or past customers, fulon has covered all of it. If fulon has the order it will enhance the customer data.

Download the data from Amazon order report and simply upload it and rest fulon ECD will take care.

See the progress as it is getting synced to fulon and your CRM and ready for Smart automations.

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Simplifying the Segmentation using the updated Customer Data

With full customer profile and buying behaviour, increase your sales and reviews with Facebook (using Social Circle TM ). Use it in your order transaction emails, customer nurture campaign, feedback and returns funnels.

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