Money Back Offer Product Insert and get buyer’s real email Funnel

Price : $499.99

Get buyer’s real email and match with their order using Money back Offer Product Insert Funnel

This funnel will guarantee to give you the best chance to generate customer leads and a Best Seller Badge to each of your products.

This full funnel allows your Brand to engage with your target customers and get the highest converting customer emails and match it with their orders on Autopilot. Easy to setup, once install just customise the Funnel with your Brand and make it live and it will run automatically and engage your leads with your Product offerings.

Use the customer list to launch your new product or increase the sales on the existing product in front of 1000s of your customers and each of your Brand product will have a chance to rank amongst competitors.

This is the powerful Marketing Automation Funnel to generate leads and automatically send offer emails to the customers.

By integrating with Fulon system, you will be able to send the Single Use Discount codes straight into customers Inbox.

Why Brand should build the focus on building an email list of their customers -

  1. More raving fans
  2. Remove dependency on one sales Channel like Amazon, E-Bay, Walmart or Shopify
  3. Downsize the risk
  4. Launch your product and build sales with the list of raving fans
Get the real email of your customers by running ‘Money Back’ offers now
Buy Now @ $499.99


Swipe and Deploy Marketing Automation Funnel works perfectly well for Infusionsoft/Keap CRM.
Fully operational Landing page and offer email templates with powerful copy. Just update with your product offering and it is ready to go.
Easily deploy the landing page to your brand site using the WordPress plugin.
Customised templates.
Full Instructions on how to use the Marketing Automations.
Use this Marketing Automation funnel with the other offering.
Use it with Facebook Ad and drive the traffic to the landing page.
Monthly Email Deals ready to use templates that works for a single and multiple product sale offering.
Your Product Inventory is always protected as Funnel uses Single Use coupon code.
Ready to use Design inserts –Print and add it in your product as an insert
Get the real email of your customers by running ‘Money Back’ offers now
Buy Now @ $499.99

Amazon Ranking is based upon Daily Sales Velocity + Conversion Rates + Reviews. Creating a smart and targeted ‘deals club’ helps a brand rank higher, possibly on the first page which directly effects sales.

Get the real email of your customers by running ‘Money Back’ offers now.
Buy Now @ $499.99

*This automation funnel only works with Infusionsoft and require that you have an active Fulon Subscription

Cost to acquire a customer leads is increasing and by having this Marketing Automations will guarantee an increase in ROI (Return on Investments)

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