Customer Return Funnel

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Customer Return Feedback is very important as it helps a brand understand what went wrong. It helps the brand segment the issue if it was the brands fault or was it an Amazon issue.

If the feedback indicates that the product was faulty, the brand needs to check the issue immediately. Amazon may suspend the listing of the product if it has to many returns due to brand issues.

An improved product can capture the market and the brand can get the buyers to re-engage if the customer experience was right. The customers will re-engage as they feel valued because their opinion mattered. This helps a great deal in customer retention

Myth: 80% brands think they provide a satisfactory customer experience

Fact: customers believe that only 8% brands offer a satisfactory customer experience

Any brand must fit into the later 8% list to become successful.

Make the most out of the returns by knowing what the brand can do to enhance the products and the customer experience. Customers who feel valued generally don’t spread a bad image of the brand even if they disliked the product.

It is understood that the emails should be limited as you don’t want to push the customer too hard because even that can spoil the customer experience.

Get the Customer Return Funnel now and build your brand but nurturing even those customers who have disliked your product
Buy Now @ $299.99


Swipe and Deploy Marketing Automation Funnel works perfectly well for Infusionsoft/Keap CRM
Triggers automation as soon the Amazon informs about it Customer Return Funnel Marketplace Listing
Segments issues to multiple parts, for example Brand issues and Amazon issues
Different set of email sequences / automations for different segments
Customized email sequence for a personal and pleasant customer experience.
Also triggers an automation to assign the task to a dedicated team
Closes the ticket and send a confirmation to the customer
Triggers an email sequence to request the customer for the feedback
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Get the Customer Return Funnel now and build your brand but nurturing even those customers who have disliked your product.
Buy Now @ $299.99

Customer Return Funnel integration only works with Infusionsoft and require that you have an active Fulon Subscription

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