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SPARK Triggers: Tag Automation

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The SPARK feature in Fulon is intended to alert your CRM to the occurrence of a specific event, allowing you to create automation in CRM. The aim is to personalize communications based on consumer behavior.

When SPARK is triggered, the contact is tagged in the CRM.

For example, you can create SPARK Triggers when a customer buys a product, when the product is delivered, or when the customer returns the product, among other things.

Consider the following scenario: A customer returns a product, and CRM automatically sends an email to the customer and notifies customer support to fix the problem.

SPARK Event Types

With SPARK trigger you can tag your customers when:

  • A new order has been received.
  • This is a first-time buyer’s order.
  • The customer took advantage of the promotion.
  • Where an Amazon customer purchased a specific product
  • Where a consumer purchased a certain quantity of a product
  • The order’s total value is within the specified range.
  • A certain number of orders is placed by a repeat buyer.
  • When the customer returned the product
  • When an order is marked as shipped or bought by Amazon

SPARK Triggers: How Do You Create Them?

There are three phases in the process:

  1. Select the SPARK event to be triggered.
  2. Fill in the tags that will be applied to the customer contact.
  3. Give your SPARK Trigger a name.

Step-by-Step Process

  • Go to Automate and choose SPARK.
  • Click the Create Spark Trigger button.

This will include a three-step procedure in detail.

Step 1: Select a SPARK Option

The first choice is to check whether SPARK applies to all orders, FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon), or FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant). Select the appropriate option from the drop down menu.

The next step is to specify the event for which SPARK must be triggered. Choose from the drop-down menu:

Step 2: Enter the SPARK details

In this section, you will enter the tag category and name that should be used. Fulon will automatically pull all of the current tag categories from the CRM to which it is linked.

To build the new tag category and tag names, you can use the merge fields.

For example, when a new order is received, Fulon will apply the tag with Customer Country (via merge field) and tag category of Region.

By clicking the Add Spark Trigger button, you can add multiple tags.

Step 3: Assign your SPARK Trigger a name

Name the SPARK trigger and then press SPARK IT to generate a new SPARK trigger.

Once created, the SPARK details will appear in the dashboard as shown below:

There are also options for editing, deleting, and viewing the records:

Fulon will tag the customer in the CRM who matches the SPARK event automatically.

After you’ve added the tag to the customer contact in CRM, you can create an automation campaign.

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