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Social Circle™: Use E-commerce Customer Data to Automate Facebook Custom Audience

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Your current buyers/customers are the strongest indicators of who your ideal buyer and demographics would be. You can use Social Circle to make your Facebook ads as intelligent, meaningful, and personalized as your email. We made Facebook Custom Audience Integration and a smart funnel structure possible with Social Circle™.

Send the appropriate Facebook message based on the customer’s actions. We name it Social Circle™ since it is intended to entice Amazon customers to return and purchase from your shop.

Amazon has the preferred customers’ data, and Facebook has the smarts to use the data intelligently. With Social Circle™, you merge Amazon’s powerful data with Facebook’s intelligent marketing system.

This is your hungry crowd, and you can feed them by creating a custom audience on Facebook.

How to Use Social Circle™ to Automate Facebook Custom Audiences

  1. In Facebook, make a Custom Audience (use customer data option)
  2. Authenticate the business’s Facebook account.
  3. In the Social Circle™, create the HTTPPOST request.
  4. That should be implemented in your CRM (Infusionsoft)

Here’s how to do it step by step:

  • Build a Facebook Custom Audience – Go to https://en-gb.facebook.com/business/help/170456843145568 to learn how to create a custom audience using the list.
  • In the Social Circle™, authenticate your Facebook account.

This will take you to your Facebook business account login page. After you’ve been authenticated, Social Circle™ will show all of your related Ad accounts.

  • Click the Create New Social Circle Trigger (+) button.
  • It will bring up the pop-up window. Give the trigger a name (API Goal) and then press Create.
  • Choose the correct Ad account and API Target, then fill in the blanks. You have the choice of adding or removing customers from the custom audience.

As you update the information, Social Circle™ will display the HTTPPOST details, which you will need to use in the CRM (Infusionsoft).

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