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Ship It: Product Replacement Automation

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If you want to give a replacement or a free gift to a customer, you can do it with a few clicks and a personalized message instead of doing it manually by logging into the Amazon seller central system.

Ship It alleviates the burden of manual labor on your staff, resulting in happier, more efficient employees and happier customers.

Ship it will generate an HTTPPOST based on the product you want to send, which you can then use in your CRM (Infusionsoft).

When triggered in the CRM, a Fulfillment request is created in Amazon Seller Central.

Here’s how to do it step by step

Step 1: Navigate to Automation > Ship It and press the Create your Automation button.

It will initiate a three-step process to build the automation:

Step 2: Search for the product and click on it.

Step 3: Enter the automation’s name and click the Deploy in CRM button.

It will show the HTTPPOST request, which you can use in the CRM to automate product delivery.

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