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This agreement contains all Infusionsoft Campaigns, Saved Searches, Dashboard Widgets, Custom Fields, Tags, Tag Categories, Action Sets, Email Templates, and other related content generated by Fulon as part of your Fulon subscription in your Infusionsoft account.

Fulon support is available to answer questions and resolve problems with Amazon Order Data Synced between your Amazon Seller Central account and Infusionsoft. If you’re having trouble using the functionality of our app, we also have documentation and assistance.

We’ve created a complete marketing system in Infusionsoft that you can use to expand your Amazon business and provide wow experiences to your customers, and we’ve provided training videos, knowledge-base articles, and campaign documents to help you launch these campaigns successfully. To help you understand how Fulon and Infusionsoft operate together, we’ve documented all parts of these initiatives that integrate with Fulon .

Outside of our knowledge base articles, videos, and campaign documents, we do not support the implementation or troubleshooting of our Infusionsoft marketing system. We’ve recorded our features so you can learn about the options and data that Fulon can sync to Infusionsoft, and everything else in these campaigns and dashboards is based on regular Infusionsoft functionality so you can get help from Infusionsoft. We provide consulting packages to get you completely installed and expand your sales if you need additional help understanding, troubleshooting, or integrating the Infusionsoft marketing framework we developed for you.

As an Infusionsoft client, we are confident in your success. Based on our expertise from hundreds of consultancy ventures, we provide you with these campaigns and dashboards as a starting point. Infusionsoft is a powerful marketing automation tool, and you can save hundreds of hours by using the campaigns we’ve created for you, as well as our video and documentation material, to quickly execute the ecommerce best practices that will help you develop your shop.

Infusionsoft/Fulon Training Resources

To launch the Campaign Frameworks and Dashboards that Fulon has designed for you, familiarize yourself with Infusionsoft’s basic features. Learn what you need to know about Infusionsoft in order to use our New Lead and New Customer campaign structures to expand your company in the first 60 days:

  • The virtual academy of Infusionsoft is as follows: http://academy.infusionsoft.com/help
  • For finding topical questions, here is Infusionsoft’s user guide: http://infusionsoft.com/help/
  • For questions about the dashboard, campaign creator, or email setup, dial Infusionsoft’s phone number: Extension 2: 1-866-0004
  • Here’s where you can get help from Fulon if you’re having trouble linking Infusionsoft to your store or if you’re having problems with your UnifieCom interface: Unifiecom can be reached at info@fulon.com.
  • Here’s Fulon’s Knowledge Base for unique function questions: https://www.fulon.co/knowledge-base/
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