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Distribute one-of-a-kind personalized discount codes to customers’ inboxes. A fully automated method of impressing your customers with a personalized offer.


Promote It enables you to send single-use discount codes to your e-commerce customers directly from your Inbox.

Giving away promotions to your customers is an excellent way to increase sales, create a personalized relationship with your customers, and rank your Amazon products on page one.

Amazon offers a great platform for creating coupon codes in bulk.

There are two ways to create promotion on Amazon:

  • By making a generic coupon code available to all. Many people will benefit from the discounts by using a single code (example code PROMOT70). You don’t want to offer a big 75% or more discount with this generic code because it could wipe out your inventory if you’re not careful with inventory management. You want to use these coupon codes to get 10-30% discounts and make them available in your Amazon product listing.
  • By providing a special discount code that can only be used once per customer. If a code has been used, it cannot be used again. This is the most effective and secure method of distributing your coupons, generating more leads and sales without putting your inventory at risk. The issue is determining how to distribute the Single use coupon codes automatically. The last thing you want to do is manage the spreadsheet and manually submit those coupon codes.

You may use Promote It to automatically distribute/email Single Use discount codes. The rest will be done automatically once the setup is complete.

It’s the bit like telling your employee:

Hey, Mr. Promote It, could you please send a single-use coupon code for promotion Name XYZ to the customer contact record in the field name “Promotion 1” and when the discount code is applied, send me the SPARK signal by applying Tag Promotion1Applied? If there are any problems delivering the coupon, please give me a SPARK Signal with the tag Promotion1NotApplied.

Fulon integrates with your CRM, so when you use “Promote It” to distribute the coupon code, it will deliver the coupon code to the customer contact information in a particular customer area mapped to that promotion.

You must map the fields where the promotion codes will be distributed in order to send them to contacts in your CRM. Once mapped, Promote It will submit the specific discount code to that field automatically.

Promotion Custom Fields – To distribute promotions, you can map up to ten contact customer custom fields.

How to Create New Promotion

The steps below will show you how to build the promotion and distribute the coupon codes:

Assume you’ve just launched a new product and want to increase sales by offering a 75% launch discount. Your marketing funnels are sending traffic to a landing page with a 75% off deal; when they opt-in to the offer by providing their email address, you can give them a unique discount code via email along with an Amazon link to purchase the product.

Step 1: In Amazon Seller Central, create the Promotion and generate the exclusive discount codes. Save the text file to your computer. Click here for more information about how to build promotions in Seller Central.

Step 2: Create a map of the Promotion Custom Fields. Click here to learn how to map customer custom fields.

Step 3: Using the Promote It feature, create a promotion in the Fulon app.

  • In Fulon, under Automate, select Promote It.

  • Click the Create Promote It button.

  • It will display campaign setup options, where you will build your Promotion Campaign, add details, and single use discount codes.

  • Have included Promotion’s specifics.
    • Campaign Name – Include the name of the promotion (for example, SPATULA75OFF)
    • Campaign Date – Include the Promotion’s start and end dates. You should have a calendar date if your promotion will begin on a specific date in the future. Give a date when the promotion will end. Encouragement It will only distribute the Coupon Code within that time frame.
    • Promocode Custom Field – Choose the custom field to which “Promote It” will submit discount codes.

    • SPARK Triggers (when code is applied) – In this section, you can identify the tag category and tag name that will be applied to the contact once Fulon has successfully sent the specific discount code to the customer contact information. This is how the next automation series is notified and triggered.
    • SPARK Triggers (when code note is used) – Here you can identify the tag category and tag name that will be used to contact the customer if Fulon is unable to successfully deliver the specific discount code to the customer contact details. The explanation may be that the promotion has expired or something else. This is the form of notification, and you can monitor the cause of the failure.

Note: If no SPARK Triggers (Tags) are specified in the CRM, the system will generate new Tags based on the inputs.

  • Upload in the Promo Code. There are two methods for uploading the promo code. Through downloading the file or manually inserting it.
    • Upload the file – Click on the Upload file radio button. It will then give you the option to either upload or download the Sample.txt file.

    • Each line in the txt file should contain one discount code. If you used Amazon Seller Central to generate discount codes, your file should look like this, or you can make a similar file and upload it.

    • Select your file from your local drive by clicking on upload.
    • When done, press the submit button.

Manual Method of Upload

  • Click on Manual and it will show the screen to manually add the coupon code. You can simply copy and paste your discount codes here.  

  • It will add your promotion to the dashboard after successful validation. Congratulations on making your first promotion!

How to Distribute Exclusive Discount Codes to Customers Using Newly Created Promotions

After the promotion has gone live on fulon, you can automate it by building an automation campaign in Infusionsoft CRM.

The Promote It feature makes use of the Infusionsoft system’s HTTPPOST feature. To put it simply –

HTTPPOST is a method of advising Fulon that you want a coupon code sent to a particular contact. (Don’t worry, we’ll walk you through the steps here.)

  • On the right side of the Promote it Dashboard, you’ll see your Promotion and 5 action icons. Select the cogwheel button.

  • It will show the HTTPPOST data that you will need to use in the Infusionsoft campaign builder in a pop-up window.

Note: Tags are now displaying numbers instead of tag names. These are the IDs associated with the tag identified in Infusionsoft CRM.

Build a campaign in Infusionsoft CRM

The flow in our example was: Traffic is directed to a landing page that contains information about the deal as well as an opt-in page. When a user opts in, an email with a unique discount code is sent to them.

In summary, we are proceeding to the next sequence from the landing page in order to obtain the special discount code. We give the coupon code to the customer based on whether the coupon code is applied.

The sample campaign is shown below –

The aim of the landing page is to collect email addresses. Once the email has been captured, the next step is to trigger the HTTPPOST.

The HTTPPOST details will be the same as described in the Promotion in Promote It.

The following sequence will be to determine whether or not the tag has been applied and, if so, to trigger the email sequence.

If the promotion is applied, the system will add the relevant tag as specified in the setup, indicating that the contact has now obtained the Unique Discount code in the custom field defined when generating the promotion in Fulon.

If the promotion is not used, another tag will be used as specified in the setup.

You can now initiate an email sequence based on what the tag is added to. If a promotion is applied, you can send an email to the customer and include a coupon code in the Promotion custom field.

If promotion is not applied, you should establish an internal follow-up task to investigate the problem and notify the appropriate parties. You can also look at the logs in Fulon Promote It.

That’s it! Publish your campaign, direct traffic to the landing page, and watch the leads pour in.

How to Determine the Number of Leads Who Have Opted In for Promotions

Once the campaign is live, you can easily see how many discount codes were used and who took advantage of them in Fulon. You can edit the promotion, make it active, or uninstall it, and then review the logs.

  • Navigate to the Fulon Promote It Dashboard, where you can find a list of all your promotions.

  • There are 5 icons under Actions (on the right side), click on View Coupon Code. It will then show you all of the coupon codes, which ones have been used, and how many are left. You may remove any unused coupon codes from there and replace them with new ones.

How to search all logs where no unique discount codes were applied

  • Click View logs (Bug icon) on the dashboard to see all the logs of success and failure.

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