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Hibernate Customer is a feature that assists you in saving money on CRM fees. We developed this feature because we are aware that every CRM charges a fee based on the number of contacts. With each order, you can continue to add contacts to your CRM, increasing your costs. Hibernate Customer deletes contacts that have been silent for a period of time that you specify.

Note: The deleted data will remain in your Fulon account and will be automatically restored when the customer places another order.

This feature is primarily intended for Mail Chimp, Infusionsoft, and other third-party CRM services.

How to Setup Hibernate Customer Campaign

Step 1: Login to Fulon and click on Automate Hibernate Customer.

Step 2: Click the Hibernate Customer button once you’re on the Hibernate Customer Dashboard.

Step 3: Choose the time period for which you want the customer data to be removed.

Step 4: “Hibernate contacts with only encrypted email (for example, ljasldfjkls@marketplace.amazon)” indicates that this feature would not delete any contacts with actual email addresses. We suggest that you retain contacts with real email addresses.

Step 5: Give the campaign a unique name and confirm it.

Step 6: Congratulations, your campaign has started!

You can still see a full log of deleted and restored contacts by clicking on the eye icon, as shown below:

The log will provide all of the customers’ information as well as the order id, which will look like this:

Types of Hibernate Status:

  • Deleted indicates that the contact has been removed from the system.
  • Not Deleted indicates that the contact was not detected in the CRM database.
  • Restored means that a previously removed Contact has been restored since the customer reordered.

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