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Fully Automated Step-by-Step Process for Increasing Customers, Product Reviews, and Sales.


You’ll target your current Amazon customers by offering them a free copy of the most recent product they purchased, sent directly to their address. They must be a new Amazon customer and include their real email address as well as their most recent Amazon Order ID in order to apply. There is only one deal per customer. This offer cannot be used more than once. After they enter their name and email, the next section of the funnel will ask for their Amazon order ID. The Fulon system will check to see if the order ID is correct and connect it to the email address given. The Fulon system would then locate their most recent purchase and ship the product without the need for any manual intervention.

What you’ve done is turned an Amazon user into a customer with their real email address. That was it!!

Let’s take a closer look at the specifics:

Step 1: Create a Free Product Offer

Make a landing page for the offer of a free product. On the first page of the funnel, ask for their name and email address to opt in. Here’s some content to get you started:

Step 2: Ask for the Order ID

The next move is to request their Amazon Order ID, which will look something like this (100-1234567-1234567). Fulon can check the order ID and find the customer information and last product purchased using the order ID.

Here are some helpful hints for this step of the funnel: https://www.screencast.com/t/F79ROtH8CQN

Step 3: Thank You Page

The next move – what happens after you give the order ID – should be emphasized. You will validate the order within the next 24 hours, send an email to confirm it, and ship the product for free.

If your support needs to contact you, give them your email address and phone number.

Ascertain that all of those funnels originate from the company’s main website.

Step 4: Send Thank You Email

Send a thank you email within 5-10 minutes of opting in, stating that you are checking the order and that we will confirm the shipment within the next 24 hours. Introduce the brand and business in a subtle manner, as well as how you vary from similar brands.

Tip – Do not send any requests for reviews here.

Step 5: Verify the Order ID using Fulon’s EOMS (Email Order Matching System).

Send the email and order id to Fulon’s EOMS system to start the automation. The order id will be checked by EOMS to see if it is a legitimate order ID. It normally confirms this in less than 5 minutes.

If the order ID is correct, EOMS will connect the new email lead to the previous order information. You now have the customer’s complete profile, as well as their order information and email address.

But we’re not done yet. We want to give our customers a free product as a thank you.

Step 6: Once the Order IDs have been matched, send an email and ship the product using Fulon’s Ship It feature.

At this stage, we have matched the customer amazon order with real email of the customer.

Follow the steps in this order:

  1. Send an email stating that we have checked the information and are shipping the product to their address. (Note: You’ll get the Product information and their address from their previous order.) Also, if they like our goods or services, will they mind returning it? Provide a link to the product review.
  2. Create an automation with Fulon’s Ship It feature to automatically fulfill the product via FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon). You won’t have to manually insert any details because Fulon will take care of it.
  3. When the status of the product is updated to Shipped, send two more emails, and then send another email when the product is received.

By this stage, you’ve established a good relationship with your customer, and if you’ve followed all of the steps correctly, you’ll have a fantastic product review and a raving fan of your brand.

Step 7 – If the Order Ids DO NOT match, send an email with the Unique Discount Code from your Amazon Store.

It’s possible that someone reached your funnel but isn’t yet your customer. Rather than frustrating them, give them a unique discount code and request that they purchase the product from your Amazon Store. You’ll be able to turn the lead into a buyer this way. They will get the Free Product offer after they purchase the product.

If they like your product or service, ask them to leave reviews. If you’ve nurtured your customers with nice copy emails, you’ll get fantastic product feedback and more sales.

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