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Enrich Customer Data

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This feature allows you to add First Name, Last Name, and Address information to your Amazon customer records. Upload the.csv files from Amazon Fulfillment Report from Amazon Seller Central, and Fulon will automatically update the customer data in the CRM.

You may personalize the Order specific messaging by enriching the customer details.

Note: Fulon does not encourage the use of Enrich Customer Data for personal marketing purposes.

How does it work?

Step 1: Obtain the Customer and Order Report (in .csv format). Login to your Amazon Seller Central and under Reports, click on Fulfilment by Amazon.

Step 2: Select Amazon Fulfilled Shipments from the Sales section on the right sidebar.

Step 3: Select Event Date.

Step 4: Click the Request .csv Download button.

Afterwards, you must upload this.csv file to your Fulon account.

How to Upload CSV Files to your Fulon

Step 1: Login to Fulon and click on Automate Enrich Customer Data.

Step 2: Click the Enrich Customer Data button.

Step 3: Click Upload Customer/Order.csv button and select the .csv file.

Step 4: Click Verify Imported File button.

Step 5: Wait for Fulon to begin enriching the customer contacts in your CRM. Once completed, click the Deploy in CRM button.

Note: If you want to change the.csv file that you have imported, select ‘No, return me to Step 1‘.

Once you have completed all of the steps, you will be directed to this page:

You can view the information by clicking on the eye icon as shown below:

Fulon can sync all information such as the purchase date, order id, recipient name, and email address. After you click on the eye icon, you will see the following information:

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