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Email Order Matching System (EOMS)

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Get real customer emails and automatically match them to orders.

The Email Order Matching System (EOMS) is a one-of-a-kind technique of triggering marketing campaigns designed to turn the leads into buyers and obtain the best possible actual email address of the customer with high open rates.

EOMS is an automation engine that matches the Amazon customers’ actual emails to their orders. Because of this powerful matching, you now have a clear picture of the customer’s purchasing behavior as well as their personal email address to send marketing emails to. You may be collecting leads from landing pages, support pages, or product registration pages, and we will assist you in matching your leads with Amazon orders.

Why do you need it?

Customers’ encrypted emails are only used by Amazon to send assistance and order-specific communications. Since it is against Amazon’s selling policy, there is no way to deliver marketing communications to those customers.

Not only would having a system that allows Amazon customers to leave their real email address with marketing consent and matching with their order allow promotional emails to be sent, but it will also allow them to be more personalized because the system knows their spending patterns.

How it works?

  1. Make a lead magnet or ask customers for their real email address and order number (for eg. Free Lifetime guarantee, Free product or discount in return of email and their Amazon order id)
  2. EOMS will validate the order ID and connect the customer’s real email address to the CRM.
  3. It will also tag the customer contact in order to trigger the automation.

Here’s a great example of using EOMS:

Example strategy: Use a marketing funnel to give away free products to Amazon customers who leave their real email address and order id to prove that they are Amazon customers.

The user enters their email address and order number. It is checked by EOMS and the contact is updated. You deliver the free product to their address using Ship It.

As a result, the lead is now a client who is able to accept all marketing emails.

Here’s an example of a landing page:

The entire funnel flow is shown below:

Please keep in mind that EOMS can only match orders that Fulon has synced to CRM.

The EOMS procedure can be used in four ways:

  • Manual – This is a manual method of entering the customer’s real email address and order id into the EOMS. You will enter the customer’s real email and order id, as well as the specifics of the tags to be applied; the device will immediately check the details. This is only useful if you haven’t built a funnel to collect leads or if the email was sent via a marketing platform that isn’t linked to the EOMS system.
  • Bulk Upload – Similar to the manual method, except now you can simply download the excel file and add all of the contacts.
  • Form Builder – This tool generates a form script that you can embed in any HTML landing page. Since this generates a simple form, you must customize the form’s design. You must include the link to the thank you page if EOMS correctly verifies the email and the link to the page if EOMS is unable to validate the email and order id submitted by the customer.
  • Automate in CRM – Using the CRM HTTPPOST feature, this is the most advanced and easiest way to match. The HTTPOST information will be provided by EOMS, and you can then create the campaign in the CRM (Infusionsoft).

The HTTPPOST request in Infusionsoft is shown below:

Adding Spark Trigger (Not Mandatory)

Select a Spark Trigger event to use to trigger an automation and click Match!

How to Determine the Status of a Match

You can check the status by clicking on EOMS Status, which will show you how many emails have been checked and whether or not those leads are linked to an Amazon order.

Note: NO_DATA indicates that the email has not been matched, and FINISHED indicates that EOMS has been completed.

Example of a Funnels Using the EOMS System

This is an example funnel for a free 18-month warranty on Amazon purchases when the customer registers.

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