How to Sync Match Real Email to Qliqup Landing Page?

What are the tools you'll need to get started?
  • Fulon – This is an all-in-one Unified App that builds Buyer’s Data for Amazon Sellers.
  • Qliqup – This is a powerful tool to create pop-ups and landing pages.
Here are the steps on integrating the Match Real Email to Landing Page:

To begin with, you must have created a form in Fulon under Match Real Email and created a separate landing page for this offer using Qliqup. On the Landing Page, there must be only one (1) text field for Order ID.

  • Sign in to Qliqup site using your credentials.
  • Open the appropriate Landing Page and click on Settings icon near the popup name.
  • Then, click the Integration tab.
  • Select the HTML form and paste the code from the Coupon Code Mailer:
  • Then, click the Connect Form button. Fill out the essential fields once the HTML form is properly connected. Verify that the field name matches the text box name in the landing page. This will capture the data when the user fills out the form and send it to Fulon.
  • Once completed, click on Save Details button.
  • Before you finish the integration, make sure that there’s only one (1) text field for entering the Order ID for verification.
  • To verify which email ID it belongs to, simply create a hidden field for this.
  • Click on Hidden Field icon (eye icon) on the top.
  • Scroll down below and you will see this hidden field. 
  • Right-click on this hidden field and select Properties.
  • Under Basic, rename the hidden field as “Email Address“.
  • Under Data, rename the Parameter Name to “email“. This setting indicates that hidden field will capture the email address of the user from the first offer.
  • Lastly, to save all of your work, click on Save button on the right upper part.
  • Congratulations! You’ve successfully integrated the Match Real Email to your Qliqup landing page!



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