Amazon Marketplace – How to improve product ranking

Improve Product Ranking on Amazon Marketplace
Improve Product Ranking on Amazon Marketplace

How to Improve Product Ranking on Amazon Marketplace

The seller has to Improve Product Ranking on Amazon Marketplace to have a better product visibility to the visitors who are searching for it. Every product faces cut-throat competition on Amazon Marketplace as hundreds of sellers are offering thousands of similar products.

Ranking is the term used for the position at which a certain product is displayed in the search results. There would be thousands of products for every search and a visitor generally checks the top 10. The more you Improve Product Ranking, the more are the chances that it will sell well. There are a lot of simple steps and details which a seller needs to use to get the product rank high.

There is no step by step guide but there are some factors which have been proved to Improve Product Ranking on Amazon Marketplace. 

  • Keyword optimization is the most fundamentally effective base 
  • Conversion rate, which means the percentage of visitors that bought the product 
  • Reviews inform Amazon if the product is what it says to be 
  • Price does affect branded goods with multiple sellers but makes no impact to White label products 
  • Click though rate, means how many visitors searched and how many of them clicked on your product. 
  • Seller feedback by buyers 
  • Return rates 
  • Traffic which is directed to the listing from outside Amazon

What is seller feedback and how to improve it? 

  • It is what a buyer has to say about the seller 
  • Generally, this depends on customer service and might not be eligible for FBA 
  • Doesn’t affect ranking much but helps get the seller performance up 
  • Amazon deletes certain abusive and personal feedbacks 
  • Product reviews are not permitted on seller feedback 
  • Buyers don’t generally leave a seller feedback so it is recommended that a buyer does a follow-up via email for a seller feedback

Product reviews 

  • Amazon platform has ways to detect and delete fake reviews 
  • Product reviews help in a conversion as it informs the visitors about good products 
  • Plays an important role in the ranking system 
  • Getting product reviews is a step a seller needs to take before running paid promotions to help promotions have a better effect 
  • Polite comments on negative and abusive reviews create a positive impact for the buyer image 


Automatic email responder tools are available and are useful once the business expands as it helps in follow-ups for reviews and feedbacks and manages a personal customer relationship 

Giveaways means running heavy discounts to attract sales. Intention for increasing sales simply to get higher ranking doesn’t work anymore.

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