How to become a successful seller on Amazon

how to be a successful seller on amazon

We all dream of having that extra income because we have a dream that we want to achieve. We can achieve it all if we are ready to hustle for a couple of hours every day. I would not suggest that you quit your regular job immediately. You too can be a Successful Seller on Amazon by working for a couple of hours every day.

Starting your own business is scary but I am here to guide you through some of the most important processes. All I would request you is to take your time to understand each concept and don’t even think of skipping any steps. We won’t be able to achieve anything if we are not patient.

Let’s now understand how to be a Successful E-commerce Seller

I know that the thought of owning a brand is overwhelming but we, the entire Fulon team is with you. We will work it out together, one step at a time.

Always remember

Success isn’t quick or easy so don’t rush

One step at a time and you won’t fall

There is no short-cut to Success!

FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon

Amazon charges a monthly fee and takes care of

  • Inventory & Storage
  • Dispatches, Deliveries & Refunds
  • Damages & Loss of goods

Advantages of FBA

  • Leverage of a trillion-dollar Amazon infrastructure
  • Effortless warehousing, storage, logistics, shipping and return management
  • Discounted and quick shipping for Amazon Prime subscribers
  • High rated customer service management
  • Unlimited storage
  • Fulfilment of orders through other channels
  • Higher conversion rates (buyers prefer FBA)
  • FBA products are ranked higher in the listing

Dis-Advantages of FBA

  • Monthly fees
  • Long-term storage fees

How does it work?

  • Send the products to the Amazon warehouse
  • Amazon creates your inventory and listings and links them and picks, packs, ships and tracks all orders directly

FBA is the most preferred module by sellers!

Here is the link to the FBA homepage

Let us now jump-in and understand how to get started  

Register the business  

  • Amazon requires all mandatory registration certificates and numbers to register a seller on its platform  
  • Get the business registered as a seller with the government  
  • Amazon accepts Individual sellers as well as a Company  

Create an Amazon Business Seller Account  

  • Amazon only allows one account per user and can be used for buying and selling  
  • The simple registration process is available on the Amazon home page but always double-check every small detail  
  • Amazon offers 2 plans for a seller
Individual Selling Plan Professional Selling Plan
No fixed monthly fee   Pre-fixed monthly fee  
A fee charged against every sale   No fee against sales  
Every listing must be created individually   Multiple listings can be created using s spreadsheet  
Amazon inventory feature not available   Amazon inventory feature available
Not eligible for Buy Box   Eligible for Buy Box feature (generate higher sales)  

The next big thing that we will dive in is understanding  

“White Label Products”, the way to becoming a Successful Seller

Products procured with customized or no branding are called White Label Products. Understanding is concept is important because  

  • Launching your own brand is the only way to make profits online  
  • Selling branded (brands which are already well set) products is a very BAD IDEA  
  • Outsource your products from China with your customized branding  

Advantages of launching your own brand  

  • No price competition as no one else will be selling the same product of the same brand  
  • Personal listing unlike unbranded where the competition is the lowest offer price  
  • Human Psychology proves customers buy branded products over un-branded products  
  • Customers will gain trust in the brand over the period  
  • Possibility of starting an offline business (wholesale & retail) as a brand  

So, we won’t even talk about unbranded products but concentrate on launching and building our own brand!

What are the charges involved?  

This is a very important question as you might undermine your profits if Amazon fees are not calculated properly.  

Amazon fee structure is very easily available on the Seller Homepage. I would request you to read it, remember baby steps?

Here’s the link to FBA pricing 

Amazon also provides a profit calculator on the seller dashboard  

Here’s the link to FBA calculator

I hope you are not ready to begin the journey towards being a Successful Seller on Amazon

Up next – How to find the right products to sell

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