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Growth Ranking External Amazon Traffic System (G.R.E.A.T)

Table of Contents


This is the definitive approach to increasing external traffic to Amazon listings. This is the most extensive and comprehensive guide on advertising your Amazon goods via external sales channels available, and it includes strategies to help you:  

  1. Increase your traffic to Amazon Listing 
  2. Attract more customers 
  3. Build the powerful asset with full customer data (contact and purchase behaviour) 
  4. Supercharge sales on Amazon

This guide will show why you should launch an external traffic campaign. It provides some instances of basic external traffic sales funnels. We’ll even guide you through the process of creating a Facebook Ads or Google Ads account.

Amazon Growth Funnel that clicks all the time

Most Amazon sellers send outside visitors to your Amazon goods without a sales funnel. That’s potentially a big mistake. You’ll lose out on some of the most important benefits of external visitors, such as list development and retargeting, and you may potentially harm your search rankings.  

Fortunately, creating a basic Amazon sales funnel isn’t difficult, and doing so will significantly improve the outcomes of your external traffic initiatives. 

What is Amazon Growth Funnels (or Customer Journey)?

It’s essentially a customer engagement journey that each potential client will take before deciding to purchase. In summation, the consumer must first be aware of the problem, then the solution, and finally the desire to address the problem by purchasing a product.

The vast majority of products are designed to address a specific need. Supplements that aid with sleep, for instance. After that, the first step is to raise awareness about the issue (sleep disorder).  

When someone realises there’s an issue, they go on to the next stage in the funnel (the buyer’s journey), which is learning about a solution (in this case, L-theanine supplements). Now that consumers know some products can fix the problem, their purchase intent is increased.  

The following stage is to learn about specific items. They may instead type in “SuperSupplement Brands L-Theanine supplement” instead of “L-Theanine supplement.” You now have a highly targeted potential consumer on your hands. 

Read our blog to know more about Mapping a Perfect Customer Journey.

Buyer's Intent - The First Amazon Funnel

The majority of the individuals browsing on Amazon have purchase intent since they already know what they want and are looking for it. As a result, having a well-optimised listing can result in increased organic traffic and sales.  

The majority of merchants do this, and they compete on ad spend with other sellers. 

Flaws with Buyer's Intent Amazon Funnel 

The effectiveness of this flow is that it is dependent upon your quality of listing on Amazon. There’s just so much you can do to control your customer’s journey. Your customers are still in the evaluation stage of the funnel, which means you’ve lost out on a lot of potential customers.

If you just advertise to those who are aware of your product, you are neglecting prospective buyers who are unaware. Well, if you are trying to attract Amazon buyers within the Amazon ecosystem, then drive that via Amazon ads, but ensure that your listing is accurate and optimised. Do not direct outside traffic to your Amazon listing. 

Why you should not drive outside traffic direct to your Amazon Product Listing?

Your product’s Amazon rating is determined by its ability to attract additional purchasers. If a consumer sees your product listing but does not buy, Amazon may consider it a non-relevant product for those search terms.  

Most sellers want to reduce friction and give the straightest path possible to Amazon. Facebook, Google and other social media sites are often unqualified and low buyer-intent. This can result in a drop in the conversion rate for your product listing. It can also lead to lower rankings. 

Amazon Step-Up Sales Funnel 

Drive external traffic via Step-Up Sales Funnel by having a landing page to show the offer and to capture customer contacts before leading them to the store. 

It does two (2) core things:  

  1. You get customer information to market future promotions. 
  2. Creating offers by giving them unique discount code. 

The Amazon Step-Up Sales Funnel page acts as a filter, allowing visitors to determine whether or not they like your product and whether or not they want to buy it right away. This allows you to see who you’re attracting, create strong customer avatars, and retarget your ads. 

Lots of Landing page software designed for Amazon sellers are very much restricted to few designs of landing pages and there is no flexibility of designing as per your brand. We have sorted once for all with unlimited Landing pages you can create based on your branding and create as many promotions without any limits.

It gives you two very critical information about the customers -  

  1. Their contact details and  
  2. Linking what they have purchased with their contact information. 

Check out this blog on why these two customer data is critical to building a scalable brand. It takes minutes to build an Amazon landing page with Qliqup (part of Fulon Suite) 

And all four layouts are designed to convert your traffic into Amazon customers, for more sales, higher rankings and a stronger brand! 

Powerful Two-Step Amazon Sales Funnel 

This Funnel not only captures the email but also match their Amazon Purchase Data. 

That is How Two-Step Amazon Sales Funnel Works -  

  1. External Website Traffic.  
  2. The customer goes to the landing page.  
  3. The consumer provides his or her name and email address.  
  4. A unique discount code is emailed to the buyer.  
  5. The nurture email is sent to the client to convert them into Amazon purchasers.  
  6. The customer purchases on Amazon using the special discount coupon.  
  7. The consumer receives a second offer campaign (exclusively for Amazon customers) for a different product, with the promise of a discount if they purchased the previous offer.  
  8. The customer enters the second funnel, enters previous order information, and receives an emailed offer with a unique discount code.  
  9. The customer goes to Amazon and purchases the second item. 

Explore our Demo Funnel here and test out the flow: 

What are the tools to create this Landing Page?

  • E-mail Marketing Suite – Find more about Curvv.
  • Landing Page Funnel Builder – Find more about Qliqup.

Main Components of Amazon Step-Up Funnel

Here are the components of Amazon Step-Up Funnel:

  1. Compelling Offer – If you want to persuade someone to buy anything, you need to give them a compelling explanation. Make sure you have a strategy in place to retarget visitors who don’t convert. 
  2. Genuine Scarcity – When you’re selling anything, you want the reader to respond quickly so that they don’t lose out. Almost every marketing effort employs the concept of scarcity. However, rather than utilising this as a technique, make it a true shortage. 
  3. Others – Call to Action, Branding, Images/Videos, Social Proof. 

Effective Ways to Advertise on Facebook 

For Amazon sellers, Facebook advertisements are one of the most effective external traffic sources.  A good Facebook Ads campaign will enhance your sales velocity, which will result in a higher BSR, better ranks, and more revenues.  

With Facebook Ads, you can also collect leads and develop a formidable list of potential clients.  All of this aids you in gaining an advantage over your competition. Outside traffic sources such as Facebook Ads are never used by the great majority of Amazon merchants.  

The best part is that launching your first campaign is rather simple. 

Directing Facebook visitors to your product listing drastically reduces your campaign's chances of success.

You’ll wind up sending a lot of low-quality traffic to your product listing, and you’ll miss out on the opportunity to collect important contact and retargeting data.  

You should utilise a sales funnel like suggested in the Amazon Step-Ip Funnel. 

How to Set up an Effective Ad

The first is to nail down your ideal buyer’s profile and what the buyer’s journey should look like. This should be the first step before anything else. Unless you know who you are buyers are there can not be any right communication. 

In Facebook, you can define that using Targeting. You’ll need to reach out to at least 10,000 people. When identifying your target audience, be as detailed as possible. Make sure “Amazon.com” is included as a potential interest to guarantee they’re Amazon fans. The more people that see your advertisement, the better. 

If you already have Customer Data, then utilise FB Custom Audience and look-a-like feature.

Retargeting– Retargeting is an effective technique to generate traffic to your Amazon items from other websites. You may show Facebook advertisements to people who have previously visited your website or purchased from you using Facebook retargeting for Amazon items. 


Fundamentally, what has been quickly stated for Facebook will apply for any social network or ad targeting platform. Finding your ideal consumer avatar and remarketing are the first steps.  

Create the whole customer experience with Amazon Funnels (using Qliqup) and Email Nurturing, and Build Marketing Campaigns around the needs/desires of your potential consumers (using Curvv).  

Begin tracking and fine-tuning the funnel’s flow. Increase your customer list, sales, and customer lifetime value by making repeat purchases, which is hard to achieve if all of your traffic comes from Amazon. 

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