Product Reviews

Getting great reviews means generating more sales and better ranking. Check out how you can use the Amazon’s Review System to make this task simplified.


One Step Review System without Any Emails

Fulon uses the Amazon Seller Central process to send the customer reviews request instead of emailing the customer which means 100% delivery guarantee of review request to each of your customers. There is no need to worry about any email violations as this is all send by Amazon.

Nurture your customer within 30 days to leave a feedback

Fulon automatically identifies which orders qualifies for the Product Reviews and then allow you to just click on Request Review to send the review request.

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Get rid of Feedback Software and avoid risking any email violation

Amazon clearly monitors each seller emails and most of the time customers unsubscribe from those emails so rate of generating review become very less. You do not need to use any other software for product reviews.

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