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Say hello and Welcome to the new way to Amazon business which is data-driven and customer-focused

CRM for Amazon Sellers

CRM for Amazon FBA Sellers - Unlimited customer data, manage seller communication and email marketing in one single place.

Buyer Segmentation

Know your customer buying behaviour. Segment your customers based on the Recency, Frequency and Monetary ratings (R.F.M)

Match buyers' email

Automation engine to match buyer's real email with their orders. Trigger marketing campaigns to convert leads into buyers.

Promo code delivery

Send unique discount codes to your buyers. Create multiple promotions, start and stop at any time.

Automation triggers

Automate emails based on the order status (Purchase, Shipped, Return, Feedback) and Buyers' journey (repeat buyer, bulk buyers etc)

Smart campaigns

Create automated campaigns to send emails to your list in response to several types of events: subscription, open/click, orders etc.

Email builder

Advanced Email Template Builder as well as dozens of pre-built email templates/layouts for you to start on for transaction and marketing messages.

Analytics & Reporting

Daily tracking and statistics reporting. Improve your campaign results. Subscriber activities are automatically tracked and visualised with interactive charts.

Easy Integration

Integrate with 2000+ app via Zapier. Get your leads from various marketing channels into Fulon.