Being an Amazon seller, we need to abide by the terms of amazon where we can not do any external marketing to amazon customers using the encrypted email which Amazon provides to us to communicate with the buyers.

Though Amazon does not restrict to send the product and order related info to the amazon customers.

The whole idea of Fulon integrated with your Amazon and Curvv CRM is to give you one single unified approach to run your Amazon business and give your amazon customer a wow experience that they become your loyal customers, leave five-star feedback, and recommend your brand to others.

By having Fulon integrated with your Amazon and Curvv CRM, you will be eliminating various clutter of software used to achieve things like automating the order specific messaging, refund communication automation, deep analysis of customer data (RFM), create awesome marketing collateral like landing pages, campaigns to target potential customers in other social media like Facebook, etc.

This App was created because we as an amazon seller feel the need for a unified approach to building an e-commerce brand and Brand is all about Customer Satisfaction and engagement.

Below one line from Jeff Bezos (the Boss of Amazon) summarise why we need Fulon integrated with your Amazon and CRM

Focus on Customers make the company more resilient




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