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Paid Promotions

Running Paid Promotions without actually understanding the concept may not get you the desired results.

Everything about Paid promotions

Sponsored products 

  • Amazon provides the seller, Paid Promotion Campaigns manages on the seller dashboard 
  • It is recommended to fill all the details one by one though an option to upload a spreadsheet is available as well 
  • 2 campaign strategies available 
    • Auto-Campaign where in Amazon shows the ads for multiple keywords searches under one campaign 
    • Manual-campaign where in the buyer needs to create multiple campaigns for every keyword 

Optimization using Paid Promotion 

  • Every buyer is recommended to keep a check on campaign performance and work on areas that can be optimized 
  • Any keyword campaign which doesn’t yield results needs to be stopped and the campaign doing well needs to be optimized 
  • ACoS means Advertising Cost on Sales which is available on the Campaign manager and helps to understand the advertising cost behind each sale 
  • High ACoS means the campaign is not doing well and the buyer will need to optimize to stop that campaign 
  • ACoS needs 48 hours to be updated and can give accurate data for an entire week after 7 days 
  • 2 types of optimizations can be done 
    • Bid optimization where the buyer increases or decreases the budget of daily spend limit 
    • Keyword optimization where the buyer can create and/or modify campaigns and make it more keyword rich 

Headline search ads 

  • Available only to buyers who opt for Amazon brand registry 
  • Displayed at the top of the page 
  • Useful if you have multiple products and an Amazon store 
  • Needs minimum 3 products to start the campaign 
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