We feel the Customer Relationship


Our Brand Story

Our story of brand name is a Full On focus on Customers of eCommerce Brand Store.

It goes back to the time when we were small Amazon Sellers and realised that most of the Amazon sellers are completely focusing on their products while Amazon itself is focusing on their Customers and becoming a $ trillion company.

We did a research of using the same approach as Amazon to focus on the Automation of Sales and Marketing with customer centric approach.

Our challenge was there was no such integration tool which can integrate the data from various marketplace like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Walmart etc. and make sense of the data to give deep insights on their customer behaviour and automate the sales and marketing with customer focus approach.

This was the trigger point of building an app to connect best eCommerce marketplaces like Amazon with best Sales and Marketing CRM software with full Customer Data Analysis.

Our Mission

There is a story of each customer and journey they take to come and visit your store or buy your products from different marketplace to become known personally with your Brand. Fulon’s mission is to capture each customer journey and story and have a strong relationship where customer feel being part of the Brand family. ​

Empowering every eCommerce Brand to build a successful business-like Amazon by laser focusing on Customers using data driven and customer centric approach.

Your customers are your Brand’s extended family and fulon will make it super easy for you to connect.


Our Vision

Future of eCommerce growth is not only increasing but the way and the medium used by customers are also increasing. Customer can buy from online store, mobile device, Voice commands like Alexa or an old-fashioned way of visiting the store. Be it any channel, fulon envision to see Brand owners owning the customer relationship.

A world where each eCommerce business owner can build a successful brand making a positive impact on other people’s life.

Our vision is ambitious, challenging and full on exciting. We recognise that to deliver it we need to inspire everyone and innovate using the technology and people.

Our Strategy

Fulon continues to change to meet the challenges of complex and dynamic eCommerce world. We focus on strategies which are consistent and always work without fail i.e. Focus on customer and building the marketing/sales strategy around the customer. At fulon we use technology to help our eCommerce sellers to focus on driving sales through customer focus automations and data analysis. ​

“Customer focus Relationship and Automation” is our Mantra.

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