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Crushing the Holidays – Action Plan for E-Commerce Brand

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In this blog post, you’ll learn about our tried-and-true “Holiday Sales-Boosting” strategies, which we use every holiday season.

The months of November and December are crucial for the Christmas season.

Remember important holiday dates and make your plans ahead of time. If done correctly, you can make an entire year’s worth of sales in those months.

The following are important dates to remember:


  • Veterans’ Day (US)
  • Thanksgiving
  • Black Friday
  • Small Business Saturday (Pt 1)


  • Cyber Monday
  • Small Business Saturday (Pt 2)
  • Green Monday
  • Hanukkah
  • Super Saturday
  • Christmas Eve

Effective Advertising Strategies for Sponsored Ads that work during the holidays

During the holidays, the majority of your ideal buyers become irrational customers. During the holidays, they are prone to impulse purchases, and many of them have no idea what to get their boss, friends, family, or even their spouse as a gift.

You can create a sponsored ad campaign using holiday-specific keywords to attract holiday customers. Those terms show a high level of commercial intent. As an example. Gifts, holidays, sales, and so on are examples of keywords.

We’ve put together a complete list of Holiday Keywords that you may use in your sponsored ad campaign.

Create a Sponsored Ad campaign using our Holiday-Specific Keywords to attract holiday customers.

Give me the formula!

Positioning Product Images for Holidays

People are more likely to buy items that they believe will make nice holiday gifts. As a result, having the images designed to match that holiday gift criterion makes logical. Take existing listings and modify them with “Holiday images“. 

By including some seasonal graphics in your offering, you can tap into the buying psychology and indicate that your product would make an excellent Christmas gift.

By simply adding a holiday bow (or similar holiday imagery) to existing Amazon images, you can persuade consumers subconsciously think that your product would make a fantastic gift. 

More sales happen from this mentality because customers’ impulse brains snap-to and say, “This will make a wonderful gift“… because we’ve assisted them in making the connection that this will make a fantastic holiday gift!

Cross-Selling Techniques

For E-Commerce, Newton’s law states that an object in motion will remain in motion. The same is true here. It’s much easier to encourage folks to add extra related items to their cart when they’re in “buying mode” and adding products to their cart!

Cross-Sell other relevant products using this buyer’s attitude. Consider products that are relevant. The goal is to cross-promote your related products and provide a discount for purchasing both at the same time.

Coupon Stack for Holidays

Holiday shoppers have been conditioned to look for a discount/sale by major retailers/companies. You can make it simple for them to find the item and purchase it from you. How do you do it? In each listing, by exploiting prime real estate: The stack of coupons!

If you don’t already, you should always use coupon stacks in each listing. Renaming the coupons with festive themes and updating them around major shopping days could work wonders:

  • “PRE-BLACK FRIDAY SALE: 15% Off Coupon”
  • “BLACK FRIDAY SUPER SALE: 15% Off Coupon!”
  • “CYBER MONDAY SALE: 15% Off Coupon!”
  • “HOLIDAY COUNTDOWN SALE: 15% Off Coupon!”

Once the holiday season is over, remember to change the coupon stack names back.

Adding Special Holiday Offer as first bullet point

Add a special holiday offer to the first bullet of your product listings throughout the holidays. Swap out the terminology around certain key shopping dates, just like Coupon Stack:


Also, take a look at the blog Amazon Product Ranking Playbook and learn the 5 Elements of every Amazon Listing which help in Enhancing the Ranking on Amazon.

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