Checklist for High Conversion Amazon Product Listing

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A listing should be nothing less than extremely professional and amazing as it is the first step to convert a visitor to a buyer. A simple listing may not even attract the visitors to click on a product even if the product is exactly what they may be looking for. 

A listing should act like a magnet to attract customers to check the product.

  • Hiring a professional is always recommended for various parts to create a listing that makes a product stand out 
  • A listing with contents which are well researched can rank higher in the search results 
  • Creating a listing on Amazon is a simple but detailed process 
  • EAN number is mandatory to create a listing


  • It is recommended to hire local photographers with product photographs as their specialty. 
  • Clicking pictures otherwise just do not give professional results. 
  • Product images act as a gateway to the product. 
  • Brand watermarks on product images take the brand to a next level. 
  • Videos of the products will always give a broader view to the visitor.


  • Any listing rich in keywords will rank higher on search results. 
  • Paid tools are not required initially. 
  • Keyword planner by google is available for free to use. 
  • A spreadsheet with keywords is always helpful. 


  • Title should consist the top 3 or 4 keywords. 
  • Keywords used should not repeat. 
  • Keywords in the title should be product specific. 
  • Title should be short and should describe the product perfectly. 
  • Vertical dividers are recommended to be used 
  • The most important feature of the product is features in a title. 

Bullet Points

  • Amazon offers an option to use 5 bullet points in the description. 
  • Detailed product features are mentioned in the bullet points. 
  • Bullet points are generally keyword optimized and help in the ranking. 
  • It is recommended to keep the bullet points simple and descriptive. 
  • Important features can be highlighted by using all caps.


  • A professional content writer is recommended for this job. 
  • Description is mostly ignored but can help in ranking. 
  • This part is used by the visitor to get an extra re-assurance before buying a product. 
  • Amazon does not provide formatting, but formatting tools are available to use for free. 

Product Pricing

  • Cheating never helps and it is strictly recommended to use the actual sale price. 
  • It the sale price is higher, and product runs on discount.
  • Amazon recognizes it and lowers the ranking. 
  • Continuous discounts create an unhealthy image of the product. 

Enhanced Brand Content

  • Available to sellers under the Amazon brand registry program. 
  • It is a formatting tool available to sellers.

Amazon Store

  • Another gift to sellers under the Amazon brand registry. 
  • It is a customized e-commerce store by Amazon. 
  • Amazon store provides the sellers with a unique customized URL. 
  • The stores are used to advertise the products outside Amazon. 
  • A single store handles multiple products and brands.


  • Promotions help listings be more prominent and visible. 
  • Promotions can be offer in the form of Free delivery  and Discounts. 
  • Buy one get one free. 
  • Buy one get one free can also mean buy 3 get 1 free and can help promote sales in bulk. 


  • A digital bonus is always known to add a value to the product. 
  • E.g. Recipe book with the kitchen appliance. 
  • YouTube videos on how to use a product or something related to the product is a good bonus idea. 
  • Links to Amazon store can be added to encourage a buyer to return.

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