Feedback and Returns

Make your unhappy customer a loyal follower of your Brand by managing the negative feedback and product return from your customers proactively and automagically lead them to leave a good positive feedback about your Brand. Unhappy customers are more likely to buy from your Brand if they get the best post purchase service.


Simplify Negative Feedback and Returns Management with fulon Automation

Buyers talk more about their negative experience, which means your Brand is at stake if you do not manage it. Fulon made it simple by tracking the negative feedback and applying the right SPARK Trigger to automate managing and communicate with buyers to solve the problem and give the best customer experience.

Fulon can capture not only the returns from the customers but also the specific reason of return. Easily find if the customer is complaining about the product fault, delivery or discount or anything else and automate the right messaging.

Improve Product quality using the customer Feedback

Listen to your customer feedback, know more about the product issues straight from the customers. Improve and increase the quality of your product and raise the standard of your customer experience. Though Amazon handles the return but being a Brand owner, you can give the experience of love and affection to your customers.

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Simple Dashboard and Analytics

Find which products have more returns than others. Identify whether it is price points, quality, delivery or any other issues and make the data-based decisions. Fulon made it simple to create the analytics using the returns and feedback data in your CRM.

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