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Your Amazon Marketplace, CRM and Traffic source is seamless integrated in one place to get most out of your Amazon Sales data to trigger Marketing Automation and generate high converting customers.

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Deep Insights of your Customer Data

All your customer questions answered -
Who are the repeat buyers
What Promotions customers are using ​
Who are customer who requested for refunds and what's the reason
Which buyer has left a neutral or negative seller Feedback
Which buyer are using Amazon Subscribe and Save options​
Know the Life Time Value of your customers plus more.

Personalized Customer Service for your buyers

Get awesome reviews by personalizing the Buyer- Seller Messaging based on buyer behaviors (first time buyer, repeat buyer, bulk buyer)
Auto Stop asking for Feedback when customer request for refund, left a feedback or ask a question.​
Auto respond to customer queries, maintain your response rate
Create a Facebook custom audience using the customer data, segment based on buying behaviours.

Get More sales from your past Customers

Why spend so much money on finding new customers when you can get more out of your existing customers. When you spend 5% on existing customer your revenue will increase by 35-95%. Your past customer is your Gold mine data and Fulon makes it easier for you to nurture them:
Send personalized unique discount code straight to their inbox
Create Funnels to capture their real emails and fulon will match it with their orders.​​
Send lovely postcards automatically when they spend certain amount in your store
You think of any automation and fulon can build it for you.

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