VIP Club Funnel (Landing Page)

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Create your very own VIP Club and re-engage your existing customers with a new offer every month.

In this Funnel, you get a set of tools that you can use to

  • Re-engage existing buyers with your brand
  • Attract more customers to your product listing
  • Make sure that the customers don’t forget

When you are a seller on Amazon, you will have to compete with more than a hundred sellers who sell products just like yours. It is very likely that your buyer may not even remember engaging with your brand once the purchase is over.

You need to keep introducing campaigns and content to get these buyers to re-engage with your brand again and again. A brand grows and becomes invincible only when the customer remembers it over the competitors when they need to purchase the product you sell. Imagine that you customer is along with his group at a party and your product is mentioned. Your customer, who is a part of the group will help you get new customers by talking about your product. The customer will emphases on your product only if you have managed to imprint your brand in his mind. This happens only when every buyer engages with your brand again and again. Even if they don’t engage, seeing your branding again and again will do the job. single campaign but comes as a who package. The funnel has

  • Landing page:
    You can choose the landing page for your brand from a variety of options that we offer. These landing pages have triggers and automation which are inbuilt and make your job of guiding the customer and integrating the details with Infusionsoft automatic. The design triggers an automation as soon as the customer enters the details.
  • Email Sequences
    we give you multiple email sequences for various events and triggers. The email sequences include
    • Thank You Email Sequence: This is triggered as soon as a visitor applies to register themselves with your brand as a VIP member for the first time. It is a simple Thank You email and can be personalised with your branding and content.
    • You are already a Member Email Sequence: This email is sent if a customer tries to register for the second time. The content of this email is simple as well and is targeted to inform the visitor that the registration has already been done.
  • The tagging has been set so that your triggers never miss a call and you can use these tags for any other marketing campaigns as well
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Swipe and Deploy Marketing Automation Funnel works perfectly well for Infusionsoft/Keap CRM
Fully operational Landing page and 6 offer email templates with powerful copy. Just update with your product offering and it is ready to go
Easily deploy the landing page to your brand site using the WordPress plugin
Customised templates
Full Instructions on how to use the Marketing Automations
Use the VIP Club Funnel (Landing Page) with the other offering
Use it with Facebook Ad and drive the traffic to the VIP Club landing page
Monthly Email Deals ready to use templates that works for a single and multiple product sale offering
Your Product Inventory is always protected as Funnel uses Single Use coupon code
Ready to use Design inserts –Print and add it in your product as an insert
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Amazon Ranking is based upon Daily Sales Velocity + Conversion Rates + Reviews. Creating a smart and targeted ‘deals club’ helps a brand rank higher, possibly on the first page which directly effects sales.

Buy Now @ $399.99

*VIP Club Funnel (Landing Page) integration only works with Infusionsoft and require that you have an active Fulon Subscription

Cost to acquire a customer leads is increasing and by having this Marketing Automations will guarantee an increase in ROI (Return on Investments)

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