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Price : $99.00

This simple campaign can excite your sleeping customers in a single trigger. You just have to offer them a coupon code with a discount which would be specially made for them and you will see how they wake up and return to your brand in no time. We have included option to trigger countdown to increase the excitement amongst the visitors and you can also mention the limitation of the coupons available. This will make them more anxious and you can sit back and watch your ranking rise higher.

This marketing funnel is designed so that you can:

  • Reach your current audience to launch new products
  • Reach your silent customers and re-engage them

Buy this entire Marketing Funnel for just $99.00

This funnel is just a perfect bundle for you. The entire package comes with

Landing Page – Personalize it by using your logo, branding and product details

Ok, so we give you a Landing Page designed by professionals which is all ready to be deployed after you personalize it with your own branding. Make it your own by making a few modifications here and there, won’t this get your brand a new polished image? The details entered by the visitors will be update in your Infusionsoft/Keap account and you can create a new tag and nurture these leads the way you want. We have kept the minutest detail in mind as we were creating these landing pages and we offer you:

  • A Landing Page along with a Thank You page
  • A form which will be integrated with your Infusionsoft/Keap so you can capture accurate details of the visitors
  • Slide show for your product
  • An ‘About the Product’ section so you never run out of space to list and explain the intricate features of the product
  • A FAQ section which you can design according to your study of the frequent questions asked by your customers

Email Templates – Personalize all the template by using your logo, branding and product details.

So, we don’t offer you a single email template, but the bundle comes with 3 emails templates with different triggers. The email templates we offer you are:

  • Deliver the Coupon Code – this email is triggered once all set verification process is completed the email will deliver a One-Time use Coupon Code to the visitor
  • You can avail this offer only once - this email template is designed to send a sorry message if the visitor has requested for a new coupon code. This email is designed to pass the message along with the preview Coupon Code issued to that visitor.
  • The campaign has expired - finally this email is triggered if the coupon codes are exhausted or the campaign is expired.

Buy this entire Marketing Funnel for just $99.00


Swipe and Deploy in 2 easy steps:

  1. Just create the Coupon Codes using Promote It by Fulon and Upload
  2. Personalize the templates by using your personalized Logo and Product details

All you must do is generate the coupon codes from Amazon Central and upload the list to the Promote It feature by Fulon. Once done, just personalize the campaign and boom, you are ready to publish in no time. It is just that easy to launch!

Fully operational Landing page and 6 offer email templates with powerful copy. Just update with your product offering and it is ready to go
Easily deploy the landing page to your brand site using the WordPress plugin
Customised templates
Full Instructions on how to use the Marketing Automations
Use the Amazon Coupon Deals funnel with the other offering
Use it with Facebook Ad and drive the traffic to the VIP Club landing page
Your Product Inventory is always protected as Funnel uses Single Use coupon code
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Amazon Ranking is based upon Daily Sales Velocity + Conversion Rates + Reviews. Creating a smart and targeted ‘AMAZON COUPON DEALS FUNNEL will help your brand rank higher, possibly on the first page which directly effects sales.

Buy this entire Marketing Funnel for just $99.00

*Amazon Coupon Deals Funnel Landing Page integration only works with Infusionsoft/Keap and require that you have an active Fulon Subscription

Cost to acquire a customer leads is increasing and by having this Marketing Automations will guarantee an increase in ROI (Return on Investments)

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