Rise above the ordinary,

Be the Amazon Brand Owner

who dares to be bold, innovate,
and set the bar higher than ever before!

Don’t settle for mediocrity – seize the opportunity
to succeed as a forward-thinking Amazon Brand Owner.

But.. Before we dive in, let's play a round of
'Mirror, Mirror on the Wall' with a few questions.

If they reflect your situation, great! If not, we wouldn’t want to steal your precious time, would we?

Question #1

Do you ever feel like you’re running a marketing marathon with weights tied to your ankles due to manual processes, limited customer insights, and time-consuming tasks?

Question #2

Do you ever feel like you’re navigating the marketing maze blindfolded, unsure if your efforts are leading you towards success or a dead end?

Question #3

Do you see yourself as a passionate Amazon Brand Owner, paddling hard but still caught in the current of struggle?

Simply imagine yourself like this..
You get so caught up in the day-to-day grind that they lose sight of the bigger picture. Ain’t it?

So..if you think that these thoughts are playing your tune and mirroring your experience as an
Amazon Brand Owner, then you're in the right place!

Because once you’ve mustered the courage to take bold steps, you’ll be able to..

Dive deep into the data to unveil patterns and invaluable insights that will skyrocket your product improvements and amplify customer satisfaction to new heights.

Experience the ease of tracking and analyzing customer data, and let it fuel your journey towards brand growth and success.

Explore a whole new world of repeat buyers, and soar to new heights of the Customer Lifetime Value.

and.. embark on an exhilarating journey of brand-building resilience that will empower your brand to rise even stronger, leaving competitors in awe of the unbreakable strength you possess!

What we’re trying to say here..
YOU, as the CEO of your brand , can operate at the highest level of excellence as you were destined to be!


If we were to reveal a game-changing
Powerful Process that can help you envision the
Perfect Customer Journey
would you dare to believe it?

#1. Connect

Imagine the convenience of having all your essential Amazon data consolidated in one place with the ability to delve into and leverage customer data, simplifying the process of making smart, data-driven brand decisions.

#2. Harmonize

And experience a new level of customer understanding with the value of customer profiling that will even help you to uncover deep insights into preferences and behaviors, enabling you to create powerful marketing strategies for amplified revenue growth.

#3. Automate

And once you delve into those profound customer insights, you can activate precision-tailored communication based on nuggets of wisdom from customer purchase behavior analysis.

Armed with this, you're all set to create impactful strategies that trigger repeat purchases, strengthen customer loyalty, and transform customers into champions of your brand!

Well..Indeed, there are no magic shortcuts in this journey.
However, let's smooth the seas for you, Captain!

Remember, we’re just in your corner, supercharging Amazon Brand Owners like yourself.
We’re all about illuminating your path to smart brand strategy decisions,
and pushing your profits to new peaks!

This is it! It's time to leap!

Dive into the ocean of our no-cost Amazon Brand Data Insights
and get ready to reveal…

#1 - Profound Customer Metrics

This significantly enhance your understanding of your customers’ behavior, allowing you to tailor your products and services more effectively, thereby driving higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.


Helps in the identification of trends and patterns

Total Buyers

Helps in determining market size and potential.

Repeat buyers

Helps identify the most valuable customer segments for the Brand.

Real email

Helps in the development of customer relationships.

Total returns

Helps in the identification of product quality issues.

Total Order

Helps in the tracking of Brand performance.

Average Number of orders

Helps in determining customer loyalty.

Customer retention rate

Helps in the identification of retention issues

Median CLV

Helps in the identification of the most valuable customers.

Average CLV

Helps in the identification of overall customer value.

Median AOV

Helps in identifying buying patterns and preferences.

Average AOV

Helps in determining overall revenue.

Median AOV from first time buyers

Helps in identifying buying patterns and preferences among new customers.

Median AOV from repeat buyers

Helps in identifying buying patterns and preferences among repeat customers.

Average days between orders

Helps in identifying customer behaviour and preferences.

Median days between orders

Helps in determining the average time between repeat purchases.

Revenue by sales channel

Helps in identifying the best-performing sales channels.

#2 - Powerful Customer Segmentation Data

Imagine a vibrant palette that paints your customers into vivid categories based on their behavior such as:



Big Spender


New Customer

Need Attention

About To Sleep

Lost Customer

#3 - Goldmine Customer Data-Driven RFM Analysis

Meet RFM – your golden trio of Recency, Frequency, and Monetary value!
Like the three musketeers, they work together to help you spotlight those star customers who are itching to jump into your future marketing campaigns.

Recency Analysis

Offers insights into customer engagement and loyalty and can assist in identifying customers who may need to be re-engaged.

Frequency Analysis

Helps identify which customers are most likely to become repeat purchasers by providing insights into customer loyalty and repeat purchase behaviour.

Monetary Analysis

Reveals which customers are the most valuable to the brand and which need to be re-engaged or upsold.

Begin your journey to empowered
decision-making by integrating your
Amazon Store with Fulon at no cost.

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