Seller on Amazon – Easy and effective advertising ideas

Advertising for Amazon Sellers

It is very important for you, as a Seller on Amazon that your advertising brings traffic to your listing from every place possible.

When you advertise on the platform itself, your product is displayed to the visitors who search for the related keywords and it is always the best way to go initially but there are people outside who are looking for your product as well. Advertising and promoting the product outside always helps your product get noticed and builds a brand for the future. 

Ways to make advertising easy and effective for every Seller on Amazon

Advertising for Seller on Amazon
Advertising for Seller on Amazon

Landing Pages 

  • It is important for a brand to have its own website 
  • Landing page is a simple web-page with brand name, motto and contact details 
  • Amazon offers basic landing pages for free but one can hire professionals and use page maker tools as presentation can make or break a brand 
  • Amazon logo is prohibited but ‘Available on Amazon’ is free to use for Seller on Amazon for advertising on other platforms

Social Media 

  • Simple pages and daily updates can build a relationship with the customer 
  • Links to your store can help in increasing traffic 
  • Target platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, SnapChat, Pinterest etc. 

Influencer marketing 

  • Influencers have quite a bit of followers 
  • They can work for money and/or free samples and other leverages 
  • Tie-Ups can be done online after a proper manual research 

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