9-Strategies to Build Lasting E-Commerce Brand

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Every seller on Amazon wants to know, how to be successful. It is not easy to start and keep building an Amazon seller business and it isn’t easy to launch and run a brand either. It requires a lot of patience and persistence to be successful. There are so many start-ups that shut down even before they have started. 

Reasons behind so many failures

  • Jumping around and skipping steps 
  • Not having a proper market research 
  • Competing with pricing 
  • Selling branded products 
  • Selling fake products 
  • Inability to manage the capital 
  • Trying to take shortcuts 
  • Not ready to accept changes and learn new things 
  • Complete dependence on the new business 
  • Trying to do everything by themselves 
  • Quitting too soon 
  • Trying to succeed overnight using shortcuts 
  • Jumping to the next big thing before getting the first thing settled 
  • Ignoring problems 
  • Laziness 

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What are the 9 Strategies to Build Long Lasting E-Commerce Brand?

  • Patience 
    • Patience is a skill that cannot be developed overnight 
    • One must have patience to gain patience 
    • Patience is one of the most important virtues as businesses take a long time to become a success 
    • It is never easy to keep taking baby steps but that is the only way 
  • Cheating 
    • Success attained by cheating is only short-term 
    • Trying to find loopholes and shortcuts take time from focusing on real gains 
    • Cheating can attract suspension of the account 
  • Efforts = Results 
    • Success is achieved by hard-work, dedication and discipline 
    • Efforts are needed as there are thousands of sellers who register with Amazon every year 
  • 80/20 rule 
    • A simple way to say that only 20% people succeed 
    • 20% causes 80% of the results 
    • 20% of the population earns 80% of the total income 
    • For us? 20% products make 80% profits 
    • A seller must be in the 20% sellers’ group to have the 80% chance of success 
  • Build a business, not a product 
    • It is recommended to carry a brand around with multiple products in a single category 
    • This will be useful in creating a brand owned e-commerce store 
    • A business should never expand into multiple product categories 
  • Customer support 
    • Retail says “A customer is the king” 
    • A brand should always respond to all the customer queries within 24 hours 
    • Every negative review should be replied professionally 
    • A brand should focus on building a personal relationship with the customer 
  • Time Management 
    • Time management is the only way to achieve much more in much less time 
    • One should never be busy doing nothing 
    • A day should be planed every morning 
    • Rushing by trying to plan an entire week or month is not a good idea 
    • A checklist helps with time management 
    • Every individual should set long term goals with short term plans 
  • Outsourcing 
    • Skilled jobs should always be outsourced to achieve professional results 
    • A brand is slowly built, one awesome professional result by another 
  • Information Paralysis 
    • Being scared is perfectly normal but running away isn’t 
    • Every professional should take breaks during creative blocks, doing nothing is okay sometimes 
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