Successful Sellers on Amazon | 5 Practical Strategies

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Have you ever wondered why only 20% of the people are Successful Sellers on Amazon and have 80% of the sales? Well, here are 5 Practical Strategies that you can implement to own a Successful Sellers business on Amazon.

  1. Successful Sellers on Amazon have done a Detailed Research

There is practically no substitute to manual research and is the most important step to any business. Research doesn’t only help in the start but is an ongoing practice to understand how to make the products better and what are the needs of the buyer.

You, as a seller must be an expert in the product that you sell. Manual research is the only way you can get through it. You will only be able to help a buyer with queries if you know the product inside out. Can you imagine going to a store and the assistant keeps running to the manager for every doubt? You will walk away right? This same concept applies online selling as well. You can quickly solve a query if you know how to fix the problem. This will make the buyer happy and will help you get a positive seller feedback.

You will also be able to guide a professional content creator as to the smallest detail of the product which makes it attractive for the reader. The buyer will feel confident if the content is detailed and explains all that he needs to know. If a buyer wants an iPhone, he will buy it because he knows everything he needs to but this doesn’t make the buyer an iPhone expert. The basic small details will enhance the confidence of the reader and this will help in conversion.

You cannot become an expert by limited resources, but you will have to understand each feature of the product manually. You cannot become a seller just by reading a few articles or the manual of the product but getting in-depth research means going deeper into every part.

A content will create an amazing brand image when you will guide your professional like an expert. With a well-researched knowledge, you will be able understand what a buyer would want to know. The content may focus or highlight particulars which other competitors may have missed, and don’t you think that this will give your product an upper hand?

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“Research is an organized method of trying to find out what you are going to do after you cannot do what you are doing now. It may also be said to be the method of keeping a customer reasonably dissatisfied with what he has. That means constant improvement and change so that the customer will be stimulated to desire the new product enough to buy it to replace the one he has.”

Charles F. Kettering


  1. Successful Sellers on Amazon Prove their Seller Credibility

How many times have you walked into a store and are enticed by the certificates displayed? You also may have skipped a product just because of a few negative seller feedback, right? Doesn’t this explain the importance of getting Positive Seller Feedback?

It is easy to display this and/or avoid this in a retail outlet but getting seller feedback is quite a task online. It is a human nature that your customers won’t leave a remark if satisfied but will leave a negative comment otherwise.

It is helpful to set up an auto emails to request the customers to leave a positive seller feedback. There are services available online and is a recommended service provider. also has a team of experts who will help the seller with any queries and innovative ideas on how to please a customer and convince them to leave a feedback.

The follow-ups should not focus only on the feedback but to ensure customer satisfaction. Building a personal customer relationship is an important part of brand building. Imagine you walk into a store with a damaged product and the staff is more than willing to help you, won’t you buy products of that brand again? Simple but efficient.

You should get a few certificates which can be used by the designer in the content to get visitors attention. Any certificates will help you gain the confidence on your brand. You can also instruct your designer to display happy reviews just to enhance the vibe.

  1. Successful Sellers on Amazon make sure that their Buyers Are Happy with the Product

It is very important to involve professionals for photography and written content. The first step of online purchase happens when the visitor is blown over with what he sees. Everything else follows and now isn’t it clear as to why you should hire professional photographers?

Professionals knows what to show, what is not to be shown and what it takes to entice the person who sees. They charge fees for a reason. Would you prefer a product beautiful displayed or a product for which the seller has uploaded pictures taken from a mobile device? You’ll get the answer yourself.

An expertly put content pushes the sale further. Highlighting every detailed feature of the product will influence the visitor who goes through it. A manual research will tell you what others may have missed, and this can give your product an upper hand in the market. Using those keywords that other have missed will have show the product in the search results of those keywords as well.

Your product may be the best available in the market, but you should be very careful not to be projected as over-confident. The visitor may be affected in a negative mindset. Your content should be likable and polite, and it would be awesome if your customer feels that as a one on one conversation. So, talk to your buyer through your content. You will need to collaborate with the designer and think like a customer to achieve this.

  1. Successful Sellers on Amazon keep a ‘Give and take’ intention

Everyone does a business to earn a certain profit but that happens automatically when you have a happy customer base. Building a brand takes a lot more than just selling products and making a profit. How many people crib about the prices of Apple products but still end up buying it? Many of them because Apple has created that brand over a period.

Building a brand includes building the trust of the customers. A seller must be patient to achieve this and it still won’t be easy. Providing those extra features and/or bonuses that would enhance the product for free will act as a magnet. A seller must think continuously and has to come up with that little extra like what Mc Donald’s does with its meals, small toys they give cost nothing but has made every child want it.

It is very crucial that the seller convince a customer to write a review if they like the product. Buyer wouldn’t wait to write a negative one and the seller is duty bound to reply to it. The reply must be very polite and professional. A visitor will read the reviews along with the replies and will surely judge the seller. One of many feedbacks will be negative and that is acceptable, and the politeness of the reply will take care of the damage.

A seller should work on giving away free digital bonuses which can enhance the product. For e.g. a printable eBook for coloring goes well with crayons. The seller will be able to come up with amazing ideas once he practices becoming the product expert.

  1. Successful Sellers on Amazon create a Social Proof

“Social proof is the psychological and social phenomenon that our own behavior is impacted by the influence of the actions, attitudes, and beliefs of other people (online or in-person).”

Why do the seller pay exorbitant fees to celebrities to promote their product? Simply because everyone wants what they have. If a celebrity says that she consumes an energy drink, every female wants to have it. This is a classic example of social proof, creating a demand by exhibiting it as social need.

A content designer, if explained well can create a content which can portrait the need of the product in the society. The visitors will surely buy products if they can relate it with a social cause.

The recent technique is offering a donation to the needy on every purchase. If we go to a mall to purchase a detergent and we see another brand which offers a small donation and is priced the same as the one we wanted to purchase, which one would we buy? We both know the answer.

If we see a pet product which our pet will love, we will buy it because it then becomes a social need.

If a content shows to bring happiness to you and it markets like everyone is using it, you will buy it!

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